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Arti then ...

Usually I am not the one who believes in copying someone else’s ideas. I have always written original stuff. But after completion of the story I was out of ideas :( I never thought this would happen to me ever … I am having writers block :((

When I surfed a few blogs, I saw few posts in which the author tells about himself/herself in 20 points. I thought, why not try it...
So here I am…
Presenting myself in 20 pieces … I mean 20 points …

1. Blessed the earth on 20th September 1977. Youngest in the family and hence a little pampered, especially by dad. I still remember keeping the entire household awake because I had seen some stamps that my cousin had and I wanted those. Dad had to finally take me to cousin’s house, wake him up and request him to give the stamps to me. Well! I can understand if you are confused because I have not told you the time. It was some 2 or 3 in the night :blush: Well! I do not collect stamps now, but sometimes I can get really demanding. Circumstances have changed what I demand for, now. I demand love, trust and peace.

2. I cannot see two people quarrelling. I have this bad habit of poking my nose in other people’s business and making peace or at least trying to make peace. This is one corner I need to work on - Just slip away from the place where there is a quarrel going on.

3. My strength is my faith in God. I have seen a lot of things in life and nothing has ever led to wavering of my faith in the almighty.

4. I try my best to cheer up people when they are feeling low. Most of my friends believe that I can play a clown. I may or may not smile, but I make it a point that others get their share of smiles.

5. I go out of my way to help people. At times, I have been taken advantage because of this trait. But I say to myself … they are happy in doing so, let them do it. Finally when it is time to be judged, they would have darker things in their account than me.

6. I am a loving, caring and loyal person. I think from the heart; have cried several times just listening to other people’s problems. I am not a miser when it comes to giving affection and that is the reason why people come to me when they need a shoulder to cry on. Almost every time I think that it is my duty to fix their problems because I am sent on the earth to help them. But not always am I able to do so and then helplessness creeps in. I have to improve in this sphere too.

7. I love nature and have affinity towards the sea. I can spend time alone at seashore. Have done that actually. When two family members were quarrelling I just walked out of the house, in the jeans and T-shirt I was wearing and took an auto rickshaw to Bandra Bandstand [seashore] and sat there for 1-2 hours trying to analyze a few things. Most of my creative moments, too, are when I am alone.

8. I am very short-tempered and before I know that the temper is rising I hit the roof. I used to be a big mouth when angry but past few years, my angry moments are the most silent ones. That is the time when I meditate and try to search for the answer to the question “WHY”. The bouts of anger have reduced a lot, thanks to a friend and trust me this makes life much easier.

9. Friendships mean a lot for me. Though I have few close friends, I am friendly to everyone. Even a stranger is greeted with a smile, till the time he does not start following me on the road and then ask for my cell number. That is when I switch to my introvert self. :lol:

10. I believe in flowing with the tide and take each day as it comes. But, there are moments when I reminisce about the past. The [g]olden days when I was a kid and was not exposed to the dreadful truths of life, one of the reasons why “Kagaz ki kashti” by Jagjit singh is one of my favorites.

11. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Heard this somewhere? Well! This was the message on the poster stuck on the door of my room, till my brother ripped it off when he was shouted at for not keeping his room clean. I can get someone into trouble with my die-hard inclination towards cleanliness. Now, I have changed my attitude a little bit, I let others live as they want to live. My brother goes to gym and I do not like black eyes.

12. I am a nocturnal kind of person. I can stay awake the whole night but never get up early in the morning. My friends know that they are not supposed to call me in the morning if they want to sleep peacefully at night. I love to stay awake at night, watch the first ray of light and wish good morning to the sun and then sleep. Almost all my masterpieces are written at night. When the whole world is asleep and I stay awake, it gives me peace of mind I cannot describe in words.

13. “Love is part of life and not heart of life” and that part has been a bit bitter for me. Sometimes, I tend to go into a cocoon and let the memories reign till the time my mind takes over and tells to accept that it is over and it is no use thinking about it. The moment I am out, I am back to my cheerful self.

14. I am not a party animal. I prefer spending time at home [cleaning my room] or going to the seashore and watching sunset. I am attracted to water [this is the reason I use a lot of water while taking bath and that is also the reason why I am the last person allowed to take bath in case of shortage of water].

15. I have my own set of ideals but I am not adamant. I believe in being flexible because that is the only way you can save yourself from breaking. I accept ideas and advices. Also, I am known to give unsolicited advice and being pushed away because of being considered as intruding.

16. I consider myself to be blessed by God because of the intuitive powers that He as gifted me with. There are many instances when I know beforehand what is going to happen. Imagine knowing a question paper in advance :) Well! This is not a joke. Pathology paper of my second year M.B.B.S. was one such example. I was ill during my exams and could not concentrate in my studies. Finally I decided to take the chance. I said my prayers and sorted out some questions and studied them [if luck does not favor me, AT-KT would save me, is what I told myself]. Next day at the examination hall, before looking at the question paper, I said my prayers and I nearly screamed WOW after I opened my eyes and saw the paper! All the questions that I had studied were right there in front of my eyes in the question paper.

17. I literally had to sit and think for 15 minutes to come up with some bad point about me as I do not want readers to feel that I am full of praises for myself :) too much sweet isn’t good you see :D. But, I could not think of any baddies, other than the short-temper part that I have already mentioned. I had to ask my friend what she thought was bad about me and she said that the only bad thing she could say apart from anger was that I take too many pills. Well! Yes, this is true. I have migraine and I take medicines for that when I have the attack. I have acidity problems and I need to take medicines for that. But that is not bad is it? What she calls as bad is taking sleeping pills. There was a time when I needed it badly and there was a time when I had consumed seven pills [nothing to do with lucky number] and slept for 2 days flat. Even now, when family tensions get out of hand, I take half a pill and sleep. But, I have really cut down on the pills now.

18. Ok now, to get some more baddies out of me, I need to ask some other friends. Oh yes! One that I can call as a bad habit and would need to work on it is my tendency to get irritated when someone interrupts me in something that I am doing. Whatever I do, I like to do it with concentration and I just cannot take it when someone disturbs me.

19. It is up to you whether you would call this as good or bad. I am really possessive about my belongings. When I give something to someone, I make it a point to tell those people to take real care of it. Also, when I get something from someone I take real care of it. When someone either messes up with my belonging or comes to me saying that he or she has lost it, I do not say anything but feel biased to give my things to that person then on. My brother really hates me for this, as he can never manage to keep up to my expectations :)

20. Last but not the least. I love music and after meditation, if anything can help me calm down, it is music. I am not a “rock” person. I love romantic songs, instrumental. When you want to get rid of me and wish that I do not disturb you in what you are doing or simply leave you alone then give me a disc-man, cds of my choice and I will leave you alone because that would be the time when I would want to be alone. If you cannot get me music, suggest that I go and spend time at seashore. Well! That is all for now, 2 am here and now I intend to catch some sleep listening to music and hugging my pillow. Oh God! How did I forget to tell you this? At 28, I still hug my pillow and sleep ;)) Got to go, pillow calling …

I hope I did not bore you guys [and gals]

Arti D. Honrao

Arti Now ...

1. The day I blessed the earth remains the same. As far as my demands are concerned, there is slight change in the demands ...
Maybe it is a little selfish on my part but I wish to be left out of all the mess. I want to be alone!

2. I still cannot see two people fighting but now I do not poke my nose in between, have learned it that hard way.

3. This point would never change

4. This is true even now but at times I just get out of control when the melancholy is too much for me to handle like recently when I hurt a friend by being too blunt or maybe I was rude for all that he did was show his concern and care for me

5. I still go out of my way to help people. A few friends would vouch for that. This, at times, puts me in awkward position later on.

6. I am still loving, caring and loyal but over a period of time I have learned not to cry over other people's problems because it is their karma. What I do instead is make the matters easier for them in my own way.

7. This point too remains the same. It's been a long time since I went to the sea :(

8. I am still short tempered BUT ... I have improved a lot! The tantrums have minimized, banging fists completely stopped :) and throwing things around have minimized too ... so this means, you can come close to me when I am angry and you won't need a helmet :)

9. I am still friendly to everyone ...
Even a stranger is greeted with a smile, till the time he does not start following me on the road and then ask for my cell number. That is when I switch to my introvert self.
This is true even now ...
Often it has happened that my friendliness is taken in a wrong way by a few people and then unfortunately I have to get back into my shell, I need to do that for both myself and the opposite person.

10. I still believe in flowing with the tide. Believe in living in today. I have also learned that I can improve my tomorrow by the deeds of today and not repeat mistakes of the past.

11. Cleaniless ... Oh well ... I have changed a bit here too. I can now tolerate uncleanliness in others. As far as I am concerned, most of the times you will still find my desk and room clean. Sometimes it is a mess :)

12. I am still a nocturnal kind of animal :) God knows if that is ever going to change!

13. Love is a past now. A past that does not haunt me now.

14. Still not a party animal. Still prefer to be alone.

15. I do not give unsolicited advices now, because I have learned the hard way that they always backfire. I have grown up on this front.

16. I still consider myself to be blessed by God for reasons mentioned earlier and a few more additions to the list

17. Sleeping pills are a NO for me now. Been a long time since I took the last one. Don't remember when that was...

18. Complete 180 degree turn. I do not get irritated on being disturbed now :)

19. I am still possessive about my things ... don't think that will change! Yeah, if anyone promises me that he/she will take good care of my things then I do not mind lending them!

20. I still love music and music still calms me. And - I do not hug my pillow now :D


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