Taking out time today;
I stared at the blogroll and -
One by one I opened the links in a new tab
I had made up my mind
to clear the dust of time that buried the links.

As I went through different blogs;
I made a mental note of those, which I had to delete
It hurt to see that most had stopped blogging;
and a few had already deleted their blogs.
As I went through the links,
I remembered those days -
The days when I had just started blogging.

Time, it does not stop for anyone ...
And, we have to walk along with it, run, sometimes.
In the race to keep up with time , we leave people behind
Faces get lost in the dense fog that surrounds us
As we walk, run, stumble, get back on our feet
And walk, run and stumble again.

And then suddenly, they stand in front of us
Faces, all over the sky ... in the form of memories.
Faces, we cannot ignore.
We have to stop and look at them, smile.
I stopped today, after a long run.
I saw the faces all over the sky,
Smiling at me, feeling happy for me.
We might not be in touch now,
We might not be visiting each other's blogs
But we would always be a part of each other's life
We would be faces in the sky.

Blogs remain or not; friends always remain
They'd always be the part of my sky.
I might get busy again,
Once again I might not be able to visit those blogs
but -
... I know, I can never delete a single blog from the list.

Written on 11th August '08
I have finally visited all the blogs in the blogroll :)

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