Please note that the content mentioned below is about the plot of the new story I intend to begin writing in 2009

They are ordinary people, just like you and me. This is about what happened in their life, something that might very well happen to any one of us. It is quite possible that many people would relate to this, even now.

They studied in the same college; they became friends, fell in love and promised to be together.
Life had something else in store for them. Circumstances played its card, they went different ways. The guy went abroad to earn a living.
The girl got engaged to another man, the guy returned to the country to convince her, however it was already too late. The girl had committed herself to this new man in her life. The guy went back, the girl married to the man she had promised to spend her entire life with.
The guy got married to another woman.

If this was not enough, circumstances brought about an emotional storm in their lives, yet again. Life took a different dimension when they met again, after many years. They met, discussed their families, their life partners and their children. Neither of them knew where they might land up at the end of their first casual meeting.

They felt connected. Yet again, they felt being drawn to one another. By now they were sure that their love for one another still existed within them, though it had taken a backseat for a few years.
The girl having given her 100% in her marriage somehow felt that she was not getting the kind of love she felt she deserved. Meeting her ex boyfriend [if we can call him ex] filled her heart with hope and love.
She liked the attention she got when she was with him.
Neither of them was sure whether their spouse should be informed about this update in their life.
But, they knew one thing – they still loved each other and wanted to be together.

On one hand, the guy wanted to lead a happy and love-filled life with this girl and at the same time he knew he had to fulfill his duties for his wife. He was ready to marry this girl whenever she wanted but he said he could not leave his wife.
Their last meeting ended on a note of “let us think seriously and give time to this relationship”

They are still not able to make up their mind.

What do you feel they should do?
Leave their partners and come together
Remain dedicated to their partners
Stay with their partners at least for the sake of their children
Either both leave their family or none does
Give time to relationship
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