The Monkey and His Tricks

Once upon a time there was a monkey
who went jumping from tree to tree
Sometimes in search of food and,
sometimes in search of mate...
Food he found plenty, but mate he did not get.

One fine morning,
he saw a she-monkey sitting on an adjacent branch
His heart leapt out of his chest,
he knew this was his only chance.....

, all of a sudden he started crying,
all his past monkey tricks had failed him,
this was something new he was trying.
From the corner of his eyes he saw her looking
She was too beautiful looking...
In her mesmerizing eyes he spotted a tear
And, he realized she was coming near.
He placed his hand on left side of his chest
And continued crying, giving his best

What happened? She came near and asked
He cried that his love did not last
She felt sorry for him and put an arm around him
He rested his head on her shoulders, true came his dream!
They became friends and she helped him forget the bad time
One day he thought, it was the right time...
He held her hand and told her how much he loved her
She was taken aback and could not believe what he told her...

O please do not leave me, he cried as she walked away
He told her he would remember her day after day...
She did not care, she walked away from him
Knowing in her heart that he would forget her after some time.

Days passed, weeks flew by...
The monkey waited for someone to pass by
One fine morning -
another she-monkey walked the road he monitored
The monkey stood up excited...
, all of a sudden he started crying
he knew this trick would work, he was sure of what he was doing.

A cartoon made by Meera Sapra on this poem


  1. Quite a tangent from your normal writing style ...

    From seeking 'keys'of life to jumping 'Monkeys' :)

    So..did the he monkey reason out the tear in the she monkeys eyes..

    Why did the she monkey leave..?

    perhaps crying out is a " i am available signal display "..every species have developed their own tricks ..:))

  2. Yeah, wanted to try something different :D
    Well! She monkey was crying because she felt sorry for the he monkey and that is what he wanted!

    She monkey left because she did not like he monkey proposing her when he had initially told her how much he monkey had loved some other she monkey :D

    Crying out, here, is for sympathy gaining :p

    and yeah, different species have developed their own tricks, humans just try different tricks of different species *lol*

    Thanks, BKDz

  3. Something very different from you. I enjoyed reading.

  4. dat was very good smthng quite enjoying and different......

    bt yes same feelings given to it also as they are in all your scripts.....

    good one.....

  5. Hi Arti

    ts after a long time I finally made to your blog and enjoyed monkey tricks. The background is superb.

    Thank god monkey tricks were palyed by he-monkey, females ki laj rakhe li tumne.


  6. Thanks, Venus66!
    I wanted to try something different :) glad you liked it


  7. Thanks, emotions
    and, yes you are right :)


  8. Thanks, ever hopeful!
    Glad you liked it.

    And, monkey tricks are almost always played by he-monkeys.
    Female species jhoote aansu nahi nikaalti :)


  9. sahee bhi hai aur galat bhi

    sahee isliye that if its a trick then its shady and deceitful...

    galat isliye ki it portrays that this can only happen as a means to a deceit...

    but nevertheless liked the was meaningful...yet told in a light manner :)

  10. Hi Sanely insane :)

    f its a trick then its shady and deceitful...
    Yeah, it is bad and I know someone who has used this as a trick (on me)

    galat isliye ki it portrays that this can only happen as a means to a deceit...
    Perhaps I was not thinking about this. When I wrote this poem, I was thinking only about "the" monkey and the poem is on "the" monkey and not on "monkeys" :)

    Thank you for visiting &keep visiting



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