Every year, Gurusthan Trust conducts medical camp to provide free medical services to all those people who walk all the way to Shirdi. The team of four doctors, including my friend Anita and many other volunteers work day and night attending to these people. The camp starts around 25th March 2009 and, continues until one day prior to Ram Navami, which is on 3rd of April 2009.

Mr. Manohar Pitale, my friend's father in law, who is [was] also the chief trustee of Gurusthan Trust, expired a week ago and I had assumed that they would cancel the medical camp this year, however I came to know that the family intends to conduct the camp. 
Unfortunately, due to the personal loss and a few other reasons, the trust is falling short of funds. 

This post is a request to all the readers to consider contributing whatever possible amount for the medical camp. Those who are uncomfortable giving money can also opt to contribute by sending medicines. 
The trust is registered trust [registration details can be found on the site] and once the payment is done, the trust would send you a receipt for the same. [Sample of the receipt can also be found on the site]
Those who wish to know more about the medical camp and payment details can write to 
Mr. Amol M. Pitale at
The check details and the address has been mentioned on the website.
You can also donate in U. S. Dollars using Paypal:

[Donations would go to paypal account]

God Bless You All.

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