There are these thoughts, which constantly keep nudging at the back of my mind. Thoughts, which sometimes feel like a soft knock and, sometimes hammering.
Thoughts, which want to come out but I know not how to pen them down...

Then, there are thoughts, which are happy ones. Thoughts, which do not knock at all. These thoughts simply jump out from back-stage to the front, making me feel happy and contented with what I have in my life.

There are days when things seem to go wrong, days when I feel like punching someone so hard that it really hurts. Perhaps that would then silence the pain I carry within.
These are the days when I think the happy thoughts.
And, then I realize ...
It is totally up to me to choose whether I want to be happy or sad.
No one on this earth can make me feel what I do not want to feel...

I tell myself-
It is for me to do my part selflessly and, no other can do it like I can. I have to do my best, give my best to all...
To those who deserve and, even to those who do not.

For then, those who deserve would add a smile and blessing to my life and, those who deserve not, might learn something from what I did...


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