Au revoir

I know this might come as a shock for a few regular readers, friends I would prefer to call them, those loyal readers who have been reading Straight From The Heart for a long time now.
However, please understand that I have spent quite some time thinking about this and have finally reached to the decision that - "this is it"

Nearly four years of blogging and more than 700 posts along the way, many silent visitors, good friends, even 19 followers, 18 mail readers and 92 feed readers in the family, and with the sweet and sour memories Straight From The Heart is finally closing down.

I know many of you might be tempted to call me, mail me and ask me the reason behind the same but I request you to refrain from doing of anything of that sort. Please respect my decision and try not to change it.

This is not the end of the world, though.
There are chances that Straight From The Heart might start "beating" again.
This was a hard decision to make, please do not make it harder for me by asking me to reconsider.

Of course I would continue to write, however that would be more for myself. The world needs to wait until I am ready (again).

It has been a great pleasure knowing all of you and I sure do hope that you loved reading me too.

God Bless You All
Arti Honrao
Straight From The Heart


  1. Oh this was sad, Arti
    But yes, i agree to what you say -- one should be left to take one's own decisions,

    I would wish to see you back, though

    Be Happy,
    God Bless,

  2. kya kahoo bolo..

    if u need a break ..u need a break..I can only hope that it shouldn't stretch too long...waise bhi I will stay in touch...

    and continue writing...I kno it gives u pleasure..and I am sure it will soothe u up...

    I had been in such situation where u just want to stop revealing ur me it don't think much and continue spreading love through ur writings


  3. awww.. Arti.. thats indeed sad.. but at some point we all feel the need to stop blogging, for different reasons. Just take your time, figure things out for yourself and be back :)

    Take good care.

  4. I don't know what to say. Take care and of course I'll keep calling you time and again. It's a huge relief that this isn't the end to the communication between you and me.

    Much, much love

  5. Thank you all for understanding.

    GBU All

  6. will miss you Aarti...!!

    but i wish frm the bottom of my heart to see you back,....and speak to us straight form your heart..!!!

  7. Sad!
    Welcome to the club Arti.

    - Yemma

  8. Quite a shocker have to say...never expected this..but yes its ur blog and it is ur decision which I am sure u took after a lot of thinking...

    my best wishes are always with you!

  9. I just hope it starts beating again ... will surely miss this space...
    keep writing ..
    take care...

  10. I dont know really what to say Arti...I know everone needs a break. I am sure you have ur good reasons. Wishing you all the best and hope to see u back like a phoenix.
    Iam sure u will keep visiting my blog and stay in touch.


  11. god bless you, dear poetess
    tum bus khoob sara padho raat raat bhar jag ke aur jab time mile, likh lena. koi pressure nahi hai meri taraf se ;)

  12. Thanks for being so understanding, ppl!

    I will be back for sure, I just need a short break, Yamini.

    Good to see your comment here, Yemma :)

    it is ur decision which I am sure u took after a lot of thinking...I don't know why, Somya but this sort of scares me because you had said this last time too regarding something else and that particular decision turned out to be most stupid decision I had ever made! But, I also believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason. Maybe I had to learn something, a lot actually! Thanks for being there gurl.

    Yes, it will start beating, Rajlakshmi.

    Yes, I will be back like a phoenix, Ashok. Thanks.

    God bless you too Adi.
    BTW, I did not read the book that night though I had smsed you that I would be reading. I watched a movie instead :)
    "Message in a bottle" Touching movie!

    *lol* Thanks, adi! I did write something :)

    Devika - I will be back :)

    Sourish - I am not sure how long this would be but like I said to Ashok, I will be back like a phoenix.

    Lena - I have started sorting things out. Thanks for your good thoughts.

    Kashika - Yes, we will keep in touch :)

    GBU All

  13. ...Arti dear, thanks for being an inspiration! will miss u lots!!! Well, that is an understatement! I will miss u GREATLY! Thank u for being u all the way! Hope u don't stay away 4 too long!- Jen, Nigeria.

    ...I learned that you should feel when writing, not like Lord Byron on a mountain top, but like a child stringing beads in kindergarten - happy, absorbed and quietly putting one bead on after another.

    ~ Brenda Ueland...

  14. Thanks Jenny for the understanding words and good to hear that I have been an inspiration for you :)
    I will be the way I have always been, will be in touch
    and let us see, I hope I do come back soon...

    And yeah, the quote fits me right especially now it means a lot being put up above the comment box :)


  15. its really sad ..hope u ll continue soon......
    bst f lck 4 ur whole life

  16. Yes, hopefully I will be back soon Charan.
    Thank you for your best wishes.


  17. Well, little Miss Editor, I figured you'd be too busy with your other projects to blog right now. Perhaps things will slow down for you in the near future and you can get back to blogging a little. In the meantime, we can always pick up a copy of your book if we miss your writing so much. :)

  18. Yeah, I have been a bit busy past few days not only with SKP but other few things too however, that is not the only reason for taking a break!
    Hopefully I will be back soon :)

    we can always pick up a copy of your book if we miss your writing so much. :):) yes, you sure can do that!
    Happy reading


  19. will be waiting :)

  20. Although I have been a very infrequent visitor to your blogs, I always loved your posts. All the best to you in all your future projects.

  21. Thanks, Vinu.
    Straight From The Heart is going to be back soon :)


  22. hehe.... yeh blog ka addiction hai itni aasani se nahi jayega...mujhe pura wishwaas tha hai aur rahega.. :)

  23. *lol* Vatsal, bilkul theek kaha!
    Waise bhi maine socha hi tha hamesha ke liye jaana out of question, mujhe sirf ek chote se break ki zarurat thi :)



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