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Update: All 20 free copies given away. Books now available for 50% of MRP.
When I re-printed My Life-story (fiction) [Read extract | synopsis | review], the first set had errors. The printing is perfect, only the binding is cross resulting in uneven margins. I am giving away those books at 50% discount on MRP. [Rs. 90].
Write to me at for further details on payment options etc.

The first 20 books would be given away for free.
Do write to me at giving your name and address and I will get back to you.
The number of books given away would be updated accordingly on the blog :)

I was asked, "Do I have to be from India to request a free copy?"
You can be in any part of the world [where Indian Postal Department can reach] and I will send the free copy to you. Shipping free.

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  1. Hey arti

    I finished reading the book. The core story is very gripping, and moves very fast. Overall i will say a very good first.
    But what i read from your posts, i think its not even 50% of what you should be writing.Some feedback from me as a reader

    1. At a few places i thought you were repeating a lot, there is one whole para describing just one thing, that too in the same manner. write at a place that "that night shradha commited suicide", i think you could have avoided that.Because later you reveal that she did again.
    3.I would love it if you describe the feelings, at a plot, and also the situation. At few places i found that more should have been written, like what we say a screenplay :) but thats your choice. i will give an example, "a poor farmer" and " a farmer staying in hut, with not much to eat etc etc." which one do you choose?
    To me you chose the first, at most places.If you describe it more, it will be lot better.
    4.Divide the book in chapters. Helps the reader. Also helps you to move from one plot to another.


  2. Thank you for the feedback, Ani!


  3. Hey Arti.. send me a copy plz.


  4. Tiger,

    Sure, just mail me your shipping address and we will take it further from there



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