Guess What? ... 1 and 2

Guess What?

I was buried deep in thoughts, trying to write a poem and suddenly my telephone rang. I attended the call, slightly irritated, as is the case when I am forced to come out of deep thoughts.
I: Hello!
Other voice: Guess what?
I: Oh Hi Priyanka, how are you?
Priyanka: How did you know it is me?
I: Guessed it!

“Guess what?” is the favorite question of this friend of mine and every time she calls up, she says, “Guess what” instead of hello to me. Before “guess what” she tried “You know what?” on me but I let her down by replying as “NO” flatly. Then, smartly, she came out with this new question, which leaves me no option but to keep guessing because I do not want to let her down.

She continues, “Big Deal. Ok now … “Guess what?
I save the document and close it and try to please her…

Ok… Your crush just proposed you…
No re…
Ok … then you got a new dress [she is very fond of buying dresses!]
Nahi re…
Ok … ummm… your dad caught your brother red-handed with his girlfriend?
Kya re Arti, theek se guess karr na
Ok… well … you are getting married?
Wow! Arti … how did you know?

Come on now, I was supposed to guess isn’t it? I was doing exactly that! Is it my fault that I hit the jackpot? I intended to give her various answers that came to my mind and finally let her enjoy the feeling of triumph that I could not guess it. When I guessed, “you are getting married” I really did not mean it. That was the wildest guess I had ever made… I mean, I never thought I would get this news like this … in “guest what” fashion. Not that I had any reasons to not want her to get married :)

Well! After that she provided the details of how, when and where and I listened attentively. All of a sudden, my frustration of being disturbed vaporized when I realized that soon this friend of mine would get married and then we would lose contact. We spoke for some half an hour and then while hanging up I said, “Guess what?” “You are going to miss me” she replied. We both were silent for some time and then she said bye and kept the receiver down. I was still holding the receiver in my hand…
Was she good at the guessing game or was I too bad at it? Or did she understand me better than I understood her? Whatever, I had to agree that she had an upper hand.
This conversation took place more than a year ago and few months back she got married. She sent me smses once in a while and I used to reply.
One day, once again, when I was trying to write a poem, my cell phone rang. I saw the display it was some new number. I pressed the talk button and before I could say hello, I heard a voice saying, “Guess what?
“Hi Priyanka! What a pleasant surprise! How are you?”
“I am fine and you?”
“I am fine…”
Guess what?”
Somehow this question felt wonderful to the ears and there was a smile on my lips. My friend had not changed at all…I did not realize that while I was thinking, the line was on and the silence had become a bit awkward
Arti! Kya hua?”
“Kuch nahi … let me guess… your husband gave you a gift”
“Ok … you both are going for honeymoon?”
“Stupid woh to jaake bhi aa gaye”
[I knew it obviously as she had smsed me about it, but as mentioned earlier, I wanted to give her all the possible answers]
Oh ok… to fir? Mummy daddy milne aaye tujhse?”
“Ummm… you got a new job?”
“Ok … main haar gayi, tell me”
Kuch nahi, aise hi teri yaad aa rahi thi aur tera awaaz sunne ka mann kiya. I like it when in spite of getting irritated on my question “Guess what?” you try to answer me and always give stupid answers just to show me that you do not understand.”

I was at lost of words and even she was quiet. We needed no words to convey to each other what we were feeling deep in our heart. From that day on I never ever get frustrated when anyone asks me “Guess what?” In fact this reminds me of her and I smile…

And now, you “Guess what?”

Guess What - 2

Those who have read my earlier post "Guess what" would know what this post is about...

Same scenario, I was busy trying to concentrate and write. Many thoughts were floating around in my mind and I was unable to pen down even one. This is the most frustrating thing for a writer and amidst all this my cell phone started vibrating! I checked the display - unknown number. What a timing! I attended the call
I: Hello
Voice: Guess what!
I: Priyanka! How are you? Long time no hear
[Yes! She was calling after a long time] [I shut down the computer with a smile.]
Priyanka: Yeah I was a bit busy
I: By the way, what number is this? You love giving me surprises, don't you?
Priyanka: This is my clinic number. Sagar has set up a clinic for me...
I: Ok!

There is an awkward pause...
I: Hello! Are you there?
Priyanka: Yes! I was waiting for you to speak. I asked you to guess something!!
I: Oh yes! Let me guess ...
You opened a new clinic??
Priyanka: Haa! Nice guess ... aage bol.
I: Ummm ... Going on a second honeymoon?

I waited for some response... None came. I was wondering what must have happened because Priyanka always says at least one word after I speak. She believes in two-way communication. Then I realized, she was blushing...!
I: Ok! So have I hit the jackpot?
Priyanka: Chup re Arti ... Kuch bhi kya?
I: Ohh! That means I have one more chance left...
Priyanka: hmmm ... bol
I: You are pregnant?
Priyanka: Yess! And you are the first person I am telling, obviously after Sagar!

This time I knew my answer was right! Somehow I was waiting for this news and at the same time I was surprised to hear it. Surprised because ...

I: Don't tell me! I mean, you just started your clinic right? And it is not even one year to your marriage! Is it not too early?
Once again, she was silent ... no, this time she was not blushing. Immediately I regretted what I said. I knew I had hurt her sentiments. How could I do this to her?

I: Yaar! I am sorry!!
Priyanka: Hum dono ke beech yeh sorry kab aaya?
I: Priyu! Guess what?
Priyanka: Yeah yeah yeah ... fine ... chal aage bol
I: Nahi ... guess karr na!
Priyanka: I know, you love me! And you know I love you!! Parr kya karu yaar... Sagar loves me aur ab to main uske bacche ki maa banne wali hu

We both started laughing. Even this time tears gathered in my eyes. These were the tears that cleanse the soul. Whatever burden of problems I was carrying within me was washed away by these tears.

I:Priyu! I am very happy for you...
Priyanka: I know.
I: Congratulations!
Priyanka: Chal ... take care
I: You take care too.

After the call was disconnected I thought for a while. I knew I had hurt her. She had called me up to tell me the most important news of her life and I had tried to lecture her on priorities. It was not that I was not happy about the news, didn't I mention earlier, I was expecting it already. But why did I react like this? Perhaps, it was because of my state of mind. My mobile vibrated again and the screen displayed that I had one new message. I knew whose message it was -

Message read ~ Stupid ab jyaada soch math. You can never hurt me and even if you do, it is because I have given you the right to hurt me. I know you care for me and I know you are happy for me so wipe those tears!

I wiped my tears and replied ~ Don't ever change Priyu!

I know, she won't change. Never. Circumstances change, few people change according to circumstances but few people remain the same in spite of all the odds. Priyanka is one of them. I have seen her going through problems, I have seen her cry, I have given her my shoulder to cry on. But it is nothing as compared to what she has given me.
Guess what!?!!

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She is the mother of a handsome son :)
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