I Love You ... Fiction love letter

Dear __________________,

There are these few things, you know, that seem to be just as simple as breathing in and out. Things, which are so much a part of your life that you cannot imagine not doing those things in future. For me, thinking about you is something that fits in the category. Something that is so easy to do even without trying.

Before meeting you, I was not sure I would find myself in the state I find myself in. A state that so closely resembles a state of trance for the people who do not know that I am thinking about you. It comes to me naturally, as if that is what I am meant to do, that is what I am born to do. It never felt like this when you were here and only after you were on the plane did I realize how much I had left unsaid. Hopefully this letter would cover up everything that I am going through now. It is not only about the way I feel about you, it is what I have become after falling in love with you. It was not pre-planned. Not for me at least. I just took in each and every day that came into my life. When I met you for the first time at the mall, when we met for the second time at the beach and all the times when we met and conversed, it was nothing similar to what I felt when you left. The moment the flight took off I felt as if a part of me was flying with you, away from the part that remained with me, the part that ached so much that I longed to be with you.

I still remember the day when we watched a movie together, I still remember how funny you looked while you were making up your mind whether you should watch the movie like sitting next to a stranger or to put your arm around me. I am thankful for the decision you made because by doing so you put an end to a chain of events that would have followed after you would have put your arm around me and then, perhaps, my love for you would have been tainted.

What we share in between us, what we did during the time you were here is very special and very close to my heart. Those were the most wonderful days of my life and as I play them in my mind over and over again I am more than convinced that it is not over, yet. Somehow I feel that the decision you took in the cinema hall had something to do with the fact that even you felt the same way about it as I did. Even you were aware that what we shared was something special. If this letter reaches you before you take that bold step of your life and if you believe even one word of what I have written to be true, please come back to me.

I really do not know whether I should be doing this, whether I have the right to ruin someone else's dream to fulfill mine however, I just know this one thing - I love you. Love you more than I could ever imagine loving someone in my entire life. I let the decision rest with you.
Just want you to know that I will be looking forward to your visit each day but if you do not turn up I would understand. Believe me, I would.
I would know that either one of these is true -
1. That you never loved me and the moments we shared together between us in those past few days were not as important to you as they were for me.
2. Responsibilities and commitments proved to be far more important than love. There are times when you have to take a hard decision and live it for the rest of your life.

I would soon learn to live without you,or maybe even fall in love with someone else in future but I want you to know that my life would never be the same again. Never. Some things happen only once in lifetime. Those special moments linger on for the rest of our life. Things that once seemed as easy as breathing might turn into something that would make it difficult for me to survive, to face each day of life with a false smile on face so that people around me believe that everything is fine when the fact is that the inside of me would be crushing into millions of pieces every day. Please do not misunderstand me, I do not say these things to influence the decision you would make. Whatever your decision would be, I promise to accept it. I would be a part of the decision you make.

Always remember, I am with you because that is what love is all about.

Yours in Love

Did I mention ... I Am Back!

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