Standing Alone...

Photograph by Danne

standing alone;
i try to make the most out of my life

fighting the tides -
smile on face and hope in my heart

dreams reach beyond horizon



  1. Hi Arti ,

    As to why i reckon that i deserve a free copy of "My Life story " written by you ...........

    a) I kind of like the thought process which says.."Good things in life are for free " , and i collect all thats is free ..
    b) I like things which arent perfect ........

    like a spiderman getting stuck face down in a football goal net...
    A shark with a sweet tooth feasting on chocolate sauce...
    a swasthika shaped jalebi
    an umbrella with holes in it...
    My hair style which never had a specific straight parting :)....
    a scratched LP which stiil plays the finest music, with a bit of rustic overtones...

    You are getting getting my drift ? dont you ?

    And most of all.. i am broke....and hungry for a good book..a true lifestory...

    hungry for your Lifestrory.......:)..Arti's Lifestory

    So,,have i given enough reasons for me being the perfect candidate for being in the top 20 list ?

    If i could beat the another 50 millions of other sperms and be the one,,to actually take up life...i am sure i wd win this race too against the other 19 aspirants of your book....:)

    So give it to me......

    Regards & thanks in advance for the free copy :)

  2. *lol* BKDz!
    Your copy would be couriered tomorrow :)


  3. i lovd the pic... and d quote

  4. "showing the path to other lost souls..."


    lovely lines :)

  5. Thanks, d gypsy :)



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~ Steve Martin