Autumn - The Last Leaf: Chapter 13 and 14

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Chapter 13: The Twists of Life

Next morning when Vishaal woke up he tried to remember what had happened last night. The severe headache due to hangover was making him difficult to come back to reality. After some time he recollected what had happened. He remembered that he had made love to Neha. He got up from the bed and wrapped a towel around his waist and was about to leave the room in search of Neha when he saw the note on the bed. He bent over and picked up the note to read. As he read the contents of the letter the expression on his face changed. When he finished reading it, he was totally blank. He tore the letter in pieces and threw it in the waste paper basket and walked out of the room. He went to his room and entered the bathroom and stared at the mirror … he could not believe what Neha had written in the letter. He was trying to figure out whether it was the hangover that made him imagine things or Neha really meant what she had written.

In the letter Neha had told him about her dream of danger to Sheetal’s life. She also had said that she did not tell him because she did not want to bother him as he was already occupied with business matters and also because Sheetal and Vishaal were not in good terms at that time. What came next was bit tough to believe. Neha had taken the trouble to go to Vishaal’s residence and tell Sheetal about her dream and obviously Sheetal did not believe Neha. Instead she blamed her for coming in between Vishaal and her. Saying that she was aware of Neha’s intentions, she walked to the kitchen assuming that Neha would leave the house, but Neha followed her to the kitchen to convince Sheetal about the danger to her life. Sheetal had then accused Neha by saying that all this was garbage and she was trying to get close to Vishaal and Vishaal too wanted the same. Neha told her that Vishaal was her husband and loved her but to this Sheetal commented that Vishaal had never loved her. He had married her because his parents had forced him. On hearing this, a smile crossed Neha’s face when she realized that she was right when she felt that Vishaal loved her. Reading Neha’s thoughts, Sheetal laughed and added that Neha was a fool to think that Vishaal loved her. What Sheetal said next was bit too much for Neha. Sheetal said that Vishaal did not love her at all. All his closeness was only because he wanted to get monetary benefit out of her. Vishaal was the kind of man who would sleep with Neha only because she was helping him with his business; in fact he was the kind of person to sleep with anyone who would help him achieve his dreams. Neha could not tolerate what Sheetal said about Vishaal and she had then picked up the huge knife kept on the dining table and stabbed Sheetal on the chest. Neha had then fled out of the house. Neha ended the note saying that she did not mean to kill Sheetal.

Chapter 14: The Last Leaf Falls

Vishaal closed his eyes for a while. Then he splashed some water on his face and stared back at the mirror. He then had a bath, put on his clothes and walked out of Neha’s house.

Neha confessed her crime to the police officer that was working on this case. A case was filed against Neha and she was tried in the court of law. Neha’s father came to India to be with his daughter. He was the only person who knew what Neha had done. He believed her when Neha had told him that she did not intend to kill Sheetal, and the only reason why she had reacted was because Sheetal had said something against Vishaal. Neha’s father arranged for the best lawyer to defend her but Neha’s confession ruined everything. She was declared guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. As Neha was being taken to her cell she looked around. She wanted to see Vishaal for the last time. But he was not around. When Neha reached her cell and the door was closed she laughed aloud! She was not meant to be here, she was meant to be in Vishaal’s arms but life had played its foul game and ruined everything.

Neha sat in the corner of the cell and thought: She was like a tree … covered with leaves of friendship and then came the stage of buds of love for Vishaal, but before it could bloom into a flower of confession, Sheetal came in Vishaal’s life. The night Neha and Vishaal made love she felt like a woman, complete … a tree laden with fruits.

But life had transformed into autumn and one by one the leaves began to fall. The first leaf detached when Vishaal married Sheetal and the last leaf detached itself from the tree when while making love to Neha, Vishaal uttered Sheetal’s name.
But Neha was not aware that the leaf she thought was last was not actually the last leaf. The last leaf detached when she was sleeping in her cell.

Neha visualized Vishaal’s house. The maidservant opened Sheetal’s wardrobe; took out the diamond necklace and hid it in her blouse and then walked out. After some time Sheetal entered her room and was about to open the wardrobe when the doorbell rang. Sheetal opened the door and found Neha restlessly pacing the floor. Neha entered the house and then they had their conversation. Neha lost her temper and stabbed Sheetal and rushed out of the house. Sheetal’s body was lying on the floor in the kitchen but she was alive. Someone rushed to her side and bent near her. The person took out the knife from her chest. Sheetal could be saved! But instead of taking her to the hospital the person stabbed Sheetal for several times and then wiped the fingerprints with a handkerchief. A smile crossed the person’s lips when it was confirmed that Sheetal was dead. That person was Vishaal.



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