Learning From The Dream - II

Learning It From The Dream - I

“I hate you mom” Karisma said wiping her tears. She walked to the living room and walked straight to the corner where she had hidden the bouquet she had intended to give to her mother after the breakfast. She walked outside the house and threw it in the thrash can. This was where it was perhaps meant to be. Karisma had made the bouquet herself, plucking flowers on her way back from school yesterday. The bouquet was simple, made of wild flowers but she had made it with love.
Thinking about what fate the bouquet had met with, Karisma started crying again. She walked inside and slammed the door shut. She went to the kitchen and saw that the breakfast was untouched. She realized that her mother had not eaten her breakfast. She did not feel like eating too. She wanted to throw the breakfast into the thrash can, but she decided against it. She left it as it was and walked to the living room and sat on the sofa. She sat there quietly for some time and then closed her eyes and she never knew when she fell asleep.

On the other hand, Shruti stopped her car in front of a toy shop. She wiped her tears and adjusted her makeup before getting out of the car. She bought a huge teddy bear for Shruti and once she was inside the car tears started flowing again. Karisma’s words still echoed in her ears and what hurt her the most was Karisma’s confession that she missed her father. Though Shruti had done her best to take care of Karisma she had obviously failed miserably to fill the vacuum created in Karisma’s life after Karisma’s father walked out of their life forever. Shruti picked up the car phone and dialed a number

“Hello, Karisma Interiors” said the voice at the other end
“Hello Stephen, it’s me, Shruti”
“Can we rearrange the meeting with the clients for today?”
“But you said you won’t be working today.”
“I have changed the plans; can you do this for me?”
“I will talk to them”
“Great, I am on my way to the office” saying so Shruti disconnected the call.
Shruti had intended to give a little surprise to Karisma by walking out of the house as if going to work and then return home early with the little gift Karisma wanted since many days.
But everything was ruined. She realized that she had made a mistake by trying her daughter’s patience but yes, she had also learned that Karisma missed a fatherly figure in her life.
Shruti started the ignition and wheeled the car to her office.

When Karisma woke up, it was morning. She felt it was strange that she slept so long but then she was tired and frustrated and hence, she thought, she must have slept more than the regular timings and her mother being upset must have not bothered to wake her up.
Karisma walked to the kitchen, it was a mess. The breakfast was not there on the dining table but the plates were not washed. The leftover from yesterday’s dinner was not thrown in the thrash can. It meant, her mother had eaten dinner but had not bothered to wake her up.
“How could she do this?” complained Karisma before walking further into the kitchen.
She put on the gloves and emptied the leftovers into the plates and then packed it in paper-bag and put it in thrash can. Back to the kitchen she washed the plates and walked out. She was feeling tired.

Suddenly, she remembered how her mother emptied the leftovers in the thrash can every night and washed all the plates. She did all this even after having a hard day at the office.

For reasons she did not know she was feeling different today. As if, she had grown up by many years all of a sudden! It’s perhaps because of the frustration, she concluded.
She walked to her room and to her surprise she disliked how it looked. It was … how could she admit … DIRTY!
She shook her head and started cleaning her room.

As she cleaned her room, she remembered how her mother cleaned her room for her everyday so that it was tidy. She never thanked her mother for that but today she realized that it did need efforts to clean a messy room everyday in spite of a busy schedule.

Suddenly she walked out of the room as if remembering something …
She walked to her mother’s room and knocked before opening the door. To her surprise her mother was still sleeping! It seemed to be a day of surprises. Her mother’s room was not what it was before. It was just like her room, it was DIRTY. There were clothes lying on the floor, her mother had obviously returned late and had hurriedly changed her dress and slept. How she can be so careless, Karisma thought before walking in to pick up the dress. She nicely folded the dress and kept it in the laundry bag. She picked up her mother’s sandals and kept it behind the door. She looked at her mother for some time before making up her mind to wake her up.
“Mom, get up … you are late for the office”
Her mother did not move.
Karisma walked closer to the bed and said it a little more loudly this time, “Mom, wake up … you are late for the office”
“Please let me sleep for a few more minutes” saying so her mother turned around and slept with her back towards Karisma.
Karisma pulled at the covers and repeated, “Move out of the bed, I do not have time for all this, I have to go to the school.”
Still her mother did not move.
Finally she shouted, “Get up if you wish” and stormed out of the room.

The moment she walked out of the room she remembered how she behaved every morning and the patience her mother showed while waking her up. When Karisma made excuses for getting up her mother let her sleep for some more time and when finally it was time to get up, her mother picked her up in her arms and took her to the wash room. I definitely lack patience, Karisma concluded.

She walked to the kitchen to ready the breakfast. Shruti walked out of her room and Karisma was shocked to see her mother. She cannot even get ready properly, Karisma thought. Her mother’s hair looked as if a huge storm had just blown her hair in all the possible directions. The dress she wore was not neatly ironed. Shruti came and sat on the chair. Karisma pushed the bread and butter towards her mother and walked toward the kitchen platform to pour the coffee in the cups. When she returned to the dining table with the coffee she saw that her mother had not touched the bread, forget applying butter to it. She was nicely sleeping with her head resting on the dining table.
“Mom! Please, can you not make your own breakfast? I have a lot of other things to do, I am getting late for school.”
Shruti raised her head, looked at Karisma and slept again.
“Fine!” saying so, Karisma pulled the plates towards her and made her own sandwich and packed it to take to school.

She walked to her room to get ready for school. Suddenly, she remembered how her mother always tolerated her lethargic behavior every morning. In fact she made sandwiches for Karisma apart from making breakfast for herself. Her mother talked to her every morning, telling Karisma about her experiences at work just so that Karisma could overcome her sleep.

Karisma shook her head and got ready for school. She glanced at the dining table, her mother was not there. “Ok, now she is on her foot” Karisma smiled and walked out of the house. She was on time for her school bus. After getting into the bus she realized that she had forgotten to say goodbye to her mother. Whereas, every morning Shruti always waited with Karisma till the time the bus arrived and kissed her on the cheeks before Karisma got into the bus. Unknowingly a tear rolled down on her cheek as Karisma thought about this.

In school, Karisma felt very tired. Today morning was different; she had done a lot of work at home and was not able to concentrate properly in school. She did not even feel like playing during the sports class. At the lunch break, she opened her lunch bag and ate her sandwich, which tasted awful!

Somehow she managed to stay awake during the classes and once the school was over she wanted to go back home and throw herself on the bed. The school bus left the school on time but was stuck in traffic. It was late by the time Karisma reached home. When she entered the house, it was dark. She switched on the lights and looked around. There were many papers lying around in the living room, her mother was back from office or rather she had turned her house into one! All her assignment papers were scattered all over the floor.
“Mom!” Karisma shouted.
Shruti came out of her room; she was holding a phone in her hand.
“What is all this?” Karisma said pointing towards the floor.
“I am working, Karisma.”
“Like this?”
“Can we talk about this later? I am on phone” saying so, her mother went back to her room.
Karisma walked to her room, kept her school bag in place, changed her dress, took a wash and walked back to the living room. Everything was as it was. Her mother was still on the phone. Karisma knelt down on the floor and started picking up the papers one by one.
Suddenly she remembered how every evening she did the same thing while doing her homework. How her books were scattered all over the floor and how her mother, even after returning home tired from office, never complained about anything. She quietly picked up all the books and kept it in her room as Karisma watched the television.

Karisma picked up all the papers and walked to her mother’s room. She kept all the papers on her mother’s desk and was about to walk out of the room when her mother called out to her, “Karisma, I am hungry, can you make something for me to eat?”
Karisma turned around not believing what she had heard.
“Mom! How much work do you expect me to do single-handedly? I am tired. Please … give me a break” saying so, Karisma wiped the beads of sweat on her forehead.

Karisma felt someone moving a hand over her forehead and as she opened her eyes she saw her mother. Shruti ran her fingers through Karisma’s hair and kissed her on the forehead.
“I am sorry” Shruti said.
Karisma sat straight and looked around. She was still in the living room. She was surprised to see the daylight. It was afternoon and she felt different once again, she felt like a small girl. Karisma laughed as she realized that she had been dreaming.
“What happened?” Shruti asked her.
Karisma told her mother about the dream. She also told her how after every episode she remembered how much her mother did for her. After remaining silent for a while Karisma added, “I am sorry mom.”
“Don’t be” Shruti said as she kissed her daughter again.
Shruti then handed over the teddy bear she had bought for Karisma.
“Let us go out for lunch.” Shruti said.
Karisma jumped out of the sofa; suddenly she looked towards the dining table. It was clean. Her mother had obviously done some work before waking her up.
“You are the best mom in the world and I love you a lot” Karisma said hugging her mother.