She Wanted It That Way - 3

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One day as Vishaal stood at the corner chatting with his friends Sneha walked to him. He was surprised to see her coming towards him and before she could come closer to his friends he walked a few steps towards her. He did not want her to come close to his friends just as he had asked Vidya not to come close to them. He was possessive about Vidya and now about Sneha.
“Can we go somewhere and talk?”, Sneha questioned.Vishaal turned to his friends and waved to them and the moment he walked away with Sneha they started discussing something amongst themselves and then they laughed.
Vishaal took Sneha to a restaurant and as they sipped coffee, Sneha asked, “Why are you always here standing on the road with your so-called-friends doing nothing? Why don’t you look for some job?”
“I am looking for a job, I have submitted my resume…” before Vishaal could complete his sentence Sneha said, “Vishaal you need to walk around in the real world. Put on your shoes and go to different companies where there is vacancy.”
“I had done that once and I was rejected so many times. I hate being rejected and especially when the reason for rejection is that I do not have the right influence or money.”
“It is not necessary that just because you faced this problem once you are going to face it again. You should not give up Vishaal.”

All of a sudden Vishaal became interested in the topic and when Sneha was sure that he is thinking about her advice she took out a folded newspaper from her purse and handed it over to Vishaal. When Vishaal opened it he saw that it was times-job page and Sneha had circled some office addresses for him.
“When are you going?”, Sneha asked
“Whenever you are free.”, Vishaal answered
“What?”, Sneha was genuinely surprised
“I would be going to these offices only when you promise me that you would come along with me.”
Sneha looked away. For some time both of them were quiet. Sneha stirred her coffee and Vishaal looked at her. Finally Vishaal said, “I am sorry if I am asking for too much.”
“When do we go?”, Sneha asked and Vishaal grinned like a small kid who had just been gifted the toy he had wanted for a long time.
“How about tomorrow?”
“Fine. But one more question. What do I get when you get the job?”
“Anything” Vishaal replied
Anything, Sneha thought, maybe he would give me what I ask him. Maybe be would listen if I tell him not to get involved in me.

Please ask me for my heart and companionship for whole life, Vishaal thought and smiled as he looked at Sneha while she finished her coffee.
The next day Vishaal took out his formals and got ready. The change in him was evident to all and seeing the formals out of the wardrobe meant that Vishaal had started his job hunt again. There was a satisfied smile on Vishaal’s father’s face. He walked to his room and after some time Vishaal’s mother was seen doing something in the kitchen. As Vishaal put on his freshly polished shoes she knocked on the door which was open. Vishaal looked up and saw his mother standing at the door
“Come in maa, why are you standing there?”
When his mother walked closer he saw that her eyes were full of tears.
“Good luck Vishu,” she said placing her hand on Vishaal’s head and then she gave him some sugar to eat.

Vishaal hugged his mother and left the house. Vishaal’s father stood at the balcony to see his son go and at that time he spotted a beautiful girl standing at the entrance of their building. As Vishaal came out of the building she gave him a broad smile. As Vishaal walked closer to the girl she moved towards him and straightened his tie with her hands. She held Vishaal’s hand and then both of them got into a cab. Vishaal’s father was surprised and so was Vishaal’s mother, who had just come to the balcony to see off her son. They both looked at each other and then smiled. Vishaal’s father said, “And I thought it was me who changed him! God bless that girl, God bless her.” He put his arm around his wife and they walked inside.

The first day of job hunt did not yield favorable result but Vishaal was not worried about it because he knew that nothing could stop him now, with Sneha by his side. The atmosphere at Vishaal’s residence changed a bit once he started the job hunt again. Next few days Sneha took leave from her office and accompanied Vishaal wherever he went for interview. After a few futile attempts, Vishaal finally found a satisfactory job in a good company. Vishaal and Sneha celebrated the occasion by spending some time together. Where they went, what they did was not what mattered. Being together was what mattered for Vishaal and even for Sneha. She had to admit that she enjoyed being in his company. Vishaal took her to his favorite hangout and as he had expected she loved the place at once. They spent time there amidst the nature. Almost always when Vishaal had visited this place he had been upset. But today he was happy and he felt he was the happiest person on this earth. Vishaal smiled as he thought about this. This man loves me so much, Sneha thought as she saw the smile on Vishaal’s face and I love him too, Sneha concluded and turned her face away from Vishaal because she did not want him to see the tears that had accumulated in her eyes. The sun was moving closer to the horizon and it was getting darker. Sneha was busy looking at the sunset but Vishaal got up and held out his hand for Sneha. “I think we should go now, you must be late.” She looked at him and smiled. She put her hand in his and as she felt Vishaal’s strong grip she thought, if anyone can make me happy, it is this man. He would never let me go and love me like no one ever must have loved anyone. “Vishaal… thanks for bringing me here. This place is so peaceful”, Sneha said aloud.

“Yes it is. Whenever I used to be upset I used to come here and within no time nature would make me feel good. It feels like heaven, isn’t it?”
Sneha looked at Vishaal and was about to say something but held herself back.
“Can we come here again?” she asked hiding her tears from Vishaal.
“Would you like to?”
“Yes, I would love to…” saying so she held Vishaal’s hand and they both walked together to the nearby bus stop.
It was late when both reached home. Sneha’s mother was worried about her and was waiting for her at the balcony when she saw Vishaal and Sneha walking towards the building hand in hand. She turned around and walked inside. When Sneha opened the door with her key her mother was standing near the door.
“Who is that man?”
“Aai, you have been spying on me?”
“I was worried about you and so I was standing at the balcony. Sneha, don’t tell me you are getting involved with this man” there were tears in her eyes as she said this.
“Aai, he is just a friend and … anyways let it be”
“And what Sneha? You love him, isn’t it?”
“Yes I do! What is wrong in that? Don’t I have the right to love someone?” Sneha sat on the sofa and started crying.
“Does he know the truth?”
Sneha looked at her mom and shook her head. Her mother walked towards her and Sneha put her arms around her mother’s waist and started crying.

As Vishaal entered his room he was smiling. Today was not just another day. It was special for him. The moments he spent with Sneha were special and he wanted to treasure them forever. She loves me, he thought as he lay on the bed. “She loves me”, he whispered and drifted into the wonderful memories of the special day.
The next day he gave the good news to everyone at home that finally he had got the job. Suddenly the atmosphere at Vishaal’s place changed. His father who always complained now sat in his room, silent. Vishaal did not know that his father was feeling proud of him.

It was a daily routine now for Vishaal to wait for Sneha at the corner of the street and then they walked together to the bus stop. In the evening too, when they returned from their offices they met at a common point and then walked home together. Vishaal saw her off at her building’s entrance and then walked back to his house. Several times it so happened that Sneha was about to say something but either Vishaal’s or her bus came and one of them had to leave. In the evening Vishaal was so tired to talk about anything and he preferred spending some silent moments with her and Sneha respected that because even she wanted to spend time with him and cherish the moments they spent together. She wanted to remember these moments, forever. Obviously, as Vishaal was not used to working around the clock he got very tired everyday and also his decision to quit smoking was affecting his health a bit, but he was not worried about it.
One day when Vishaal walked out of his building Sneha was waiting for him.
As they started walking Vishaal said, “You should have seen my father’s face today.” Vishaal said sarcastically. “Why? What happened?” Sneha asked surprised. “All these days he had been making my life miserable and now that I have got the job he has nothing to say. The old man did not even bother to congratulate me!” By this time they had reached the bus stop.

“Vishaal, you should not be saying this about your father.” Sneha reacted.
“Oh yeah, right!” Vishaal said mockingly.
“No, seriously I mean it.” Sneha said and looked at the recently arrived bus. It was hers. She walked towards it and turned around to look at Vishaal and said, “Think about it.” and got into the bus. Vishaal kept looking at her hoping that she would look out of the window of the bus as usual but she did not. He saw her occupying the seat to the opposite side. She did not wave him goodbye and Vishaal was very upset about this. He made up his mind to apologize in the evening. When his office left, Vishaal waited for her at their regular spot but she did not come. He called up in her office to enquire and he was told that she had left the office early as she was not feeling well. Vishaal decided to check it out at her residence. But would that be decent? he thought, because according to him Sneha’s mother did not know about him and going to her house all of a sudden would not be good for her. So he returned home and went to his room. At night, he decided to go for a walk, he put on his chappals and walked out of the house and started walking towards Sneha’s building. He stood at some distance hoping that Sneha would come to the balcony. He saw a shadow walk towards the balcony and then return inside. He thought that Sneha was really angry on him and did not want to meet him. But he did not know that it was Sneha’s mother who had seen him and had walked inside to tell Sneha about it. After some time Sneha came out of the building and walked towards him. She had put on a shawl over her shoulders and was looking sick.

“What’s wrong?” Vishaal asked as they walked towards a bench on the side of the road.
“I am feeling a little sick today. Had some fever in afternoon so came home early. You tell me, did you think about what I said to you in morning?” Sneha replied sitting on the bench.
“Yes. I am sorry for saying that”
“I think you are apologizing to the wrong person.”
Vishaal did not say anything. He was staring at Sneha.
“You look very ill”
“Don’t try to change the subject Vishaal. I want you to respect your father. Is that wrong?”
“No” Vishaal said looking away.
Sneha placed her hand on his chin and turned his face so that he looked at her
“You call me your best friend, don’t you?”
Vishaal nodded.
“Then try doing this. I do not say that go and apologize to your father today, but you can always try to begin a conversation. Because the truth is that he is your father and you are his son and no parent can ever hate his own child. Do you understand? Tell me you will do this for my sake.” Sneha waited for his answer.
“Yes. I promise” Vishaal said.
"Good! That is like my friend" saying so she patted his back.
“Ok now I have to go, it's late. I am not going to office tomorrow, so maybe see you around when you return.” Saying so, Sneha got up and walked towards her building. She turned around and said, “Good night Vishu”
Vishaal smiled and replied, “Good night Sneha.”
On returning home, Vishaal saw that his father was still awake. He was actually waiting for Vishaal but as Vishaal entered the house he pretended to do something else. As Vishaal walked to his room, he stopped and turned around and said, “Good night dad” and went in. His father looked at the closed door and whispered, “Good night son” there were tears in the eyes of Vishaal’s old man.

Next two days Sneha did not go the office. Vishaal had hectic schedule but managed to take out time to meet Sneha at night outside her building. Sneha had told Vishaal that her mother did not mind even if he came home but it was Sneha who preferred meeting him outside the house because she wanted to breathe fresh air. Vishaal told her about the happenings of the day and that was the only reason why she held back what she wanted to tell him so desperately. Sneha was becoming weaker and paler day by day and Vishaal was worried about her…
“Sneha you are looking very ill, have you gone to the doctor?” Vishaal asked.
“Yes Vishu, I had been to the doctor and he has asked me continue taking the medicines.” Sneha replied.

“Continue? You were on medication before?” Vishaal asked confused.
“He meant continue taking the medicine he had prescribed me the last time I had visited him few days back” Sneha clarified.
It was getting colder outside hence Vishaal suggested that Sneha should return home. After Sneha walked inside, Vishaal walked back to his house. To his surprise everyone was waiting for him for dinner. He went to his room, changed his clothes and joined the dining table after a wash.

After dinner Vidya came to his room and walked inside without knocking. Vishaal had asked her not to knock on the door ever. Vishaal was at the window staring aimlessly at the sky.
“Da, How is she now?” Vidya asked walking close to him.
“She is still not feeling good. In fact today she seemed more exhausted.” Vishaal said
He turned around and Vidya saw the worried look on his face
“Da, she will be alright”, she said placing her hand on Vishaal’s shoulder.
Vishaal smiled and hugged her.

The next few days Vishaal followed the same routine of visiting Sneha after his office and day-by-day her health seemed to be improving though at a slower rate. Vishaal made up his mind that once Sneha came out of her illness he would propose marriage to her. On the other hand, Sneha thought that once Vishaal was out of his hectic schedule and they could spend more time together she would tell him the truth.

One night after one of such meetings with Sneha when Vishaal returned home and everyone finished their dinner, Vidya walked to Vishaal’s room and handed over a small box to him. “Dad asked me to give this to you”, she said as she handed over the box and then she quietly left the room. Vishaal opened the box and there was a surprised look on his face. In addition to the content of the box there was a note written by his father. Vishaal read the note, kept it back in the box, covered the lid of the box and walked out of his room.

He knocked on the door of his father’s room and then handed back the box to his father. His father was hurt when Vishaal returned the box but before he could speak anything Vishaal said, “I prefer to take this box from your hand” and the moment Vishaal said this he saw that there was a glow in his father’s eyes. Vishaal’s father gave the box to Vishaal and he returned back to his room. All these years Vishaal had not looked at his father the way he looked at him today and he observed that his father was not a strong man anymore. Old age was beginning to show on his face and all of a sudden he felt ashamed of all the thoughts he had about his father all these days.