Amendments IV, V and VI

Amendments I, II and III


When Chris had seen Megan getting out of her car he could not stop himself from staring at her. She still looked as she looked during those days, if at all some thing had changed it was that she had become prettier than before. She still had the same effect on him like she had earlier. He was not sure why all those things had happened, things that had pushed them apart but he knew one thing and that was – he still loved her.
When he had called Megan and asked to meet, he knew that she would refuse in the beginning but something in her tone told him that she would agree to meet when asked for the second time. His Megan was not happy with her life, she was not happy with Daniel. Chris knew it and he was going to use it to bring her back in his life. Megan deserved to be happy; she deserved to be with him.

They had grown up together and he had always fulfilled all her wishes. He had given her all that she had demanded from him. He had seen to it that she was always happy and that is what he was going to do now. He was going to make her happy. He did not consider it coincidence that he had seen her at a mall a few days ago. One look at her and he had known that her marriage was falling apart, if not he would see to it that it would fall apart. There definitely were weak walls in it. He had then followed her, tried to know her whereabouts and had finally found where she worked and managed to get her cell number from Megan’s friend in café. One cup of coffee and a few lies was all that had taken for him to get the number from her.
Daniel deserved to be punished for what he had done, Chris thought.

He remembered how Megan and he were happy being together, it was as if they were meant to be that way, neither one of them had ever felt the need to express their love in words; it was evident in their eyes and in their body language. Chris had made up his mind to propose marriage to her after he was well settled in life, but before that Daniel had come in their life and had snatched away Megan from him. Megan failed to understand that Daniel did not really love her. What he called as love was nothing but mere lust. Love did not happen like that. Knowing Megan for all these years, it had taken time for him to know that he was in love with her. He could read it in Megan’s eyes that she loved him too but when Daniel had entered the scene she had been distracted and she fell prey to Daniel’s games. He had heard from his friends about Daniel and Megan; he had even confronted her a few times and she had told him that Daniel meant nothing for her. When he had seen them kissing at the riverbank he was very angry on Daniel because he felt Daniel was forcing himself on Megan and hence he had punched him. He was surprised when Megan had reacted and told Chris that she loved Daniel and he should have not hit him. She had then rushed to Daniel’s side and wiped the blood from the cut on his lips.
Chris had asked her why she had done this to him but she did not have any answers. He tried to make her understand but she did not give him a chance to explain. She had walked away holding Daniel’s hand. That was the last time he had seen Megan for she had left town the very next day. She had left him for Daniel, left without telling him where she was going. Chris had tried to find her whereabouts but had finally given up when he could not find a way to reach her. He considered himself blessed to have found Megan in the mall. It was more than a coincidence for him. According to him, or according to what Daniel would have said – it was meant to happen. He was meant to meet Megan because Megan was meant to be with him.
Chris had smiled as he waited for Megan to arrive at the café. He still remembered their short conversation over a the cup of coffee –

“Hi” Megan said as she walked closer to Chris
“Hi. You look beautiful” Chris said and kissed her on the cheek.
Megan was taken aback but she did not say anything.
Yet another hint that she was not happy how her relation with Daniel had turned out to be, Chris thought.
They walked inside and as they were seated Chris asked her how she was.
“Fine” was her answer but there was sorrow in her eyes.
“You said you wanted to tell me something important” Megan asked as soon as coffee arrived.
“Oh yeah that!” Chris was at loss of words.
“There is nothing to say, right?” Megan asked
“You knew it, right? Still you came.” Chris smiled.
“Are you happy?” Chris asked her
“What kind of question is that?” she asked angrily.
“What kind of answer is that?” Chris questioned.
“Yes of course, I am happy.” Megan replied and took a sip from her coffee.
“Does Daniel know you are here?” Chris asked
“I think I should go.” Megan said finishing her coffee.
“Should I drop you home?” Chris asked.
“No… thanks.”

Chris had watched her leave the café. In spite of trying hard to hide it from him, Megan had told him a lot of things. The prospects of his winning over Megan again were high and he was going to make it possible.
He met Megan many times after their first rendezvous. Most of the times it seemed to her as coincidence, but, over a period of time they had met after making plans! After a few meetings he could feel Megan relaxing in his presence. There were times when he held her hand and she did not even realize what he had done. She was so lost in her thoughts. It was a good sign, according to Chris.
Chris managed to become her friend again. They met, went for movies and took a stroll in a park. All this, Chris was sure, was without Daniel’s knowledge.
When they had met for the first time, Chris had known that Daniel was out of town.

He did things for her, which made her feel special. He still remembered her favorite flowers and had bought them for her whenever they met. Though she was reluctant to take them in the beginning, later on she started accepting with a smile. Yet another good sign, Chris told himself.
Chris knew when it was time to remain silent, listen to her and when it was time to offer a few words of encouragement. To his surprise, he found Megan confiding in him about the rifts in her marriage. He was glad, very glad. Perhaps it had something to do with the timing.
One evening as they were seated in a park, Chris had moved closer to her and kissed her on the cheek. Megan had not reacted. As she sat silently, Chris took her hand in his. She had let him hold it for some time and then she had said that she wanted to go home.
He could feel her nervousness, as if she was worried she would make a mistake if she stayed longer.
Though they had got up and started to walk, they did not leave the park immediately. Once they were in a secluded area, Chris had held her hand and made her face him. She had turned towards him, her eyes fixed on the ground. Chris had then lifted her chin and as she looked at him, he kissed her neck and when Megan did not move back he kissed her on the lips, Chris was sure that she would respond and she had, though after a while. They kissed for a long time and when had they moved back, Megan walked away without looking at him and Chris smiled.

Megan had avoided meeting Chris for a few days after that incident and Chris gave her the time she needed. He called her up after a week and asked to meet again. Megan refused. He insisted. He had told her that it would be the last time they would meet like this because he was leaving. Megan had agreed and they met in the hotel where Chris was staying. He had asked her to come at the reception area and they had planned to go out from there but when she reached the hotel, Chris was not at the reception area. She had called his room and Chris insisted that she come up for sometime till he did the packing. Reluctantly, Megan had come to his room and had found Chris packing his bag. He had seen her watching him closely as he did the packing. He then turned to look at Megan and smiled. Megan had given a nervous smile trying to avoid looking at his bare-chest.
Chris had then moved closer to her and put his arm around her waist and kissed her neck. As his lips moved from her neck towards her jaw line and then onto her lips, his hand explored her body moving from her waist to her back and then towards her chest! Megan had shivered momentarily and as he kissed her passionately, his hand on her breast, Megan had given in and kissed him. He begun to unbutton her shirt and then …
Chris came out of his thoughts.

It was time; he thought that Megan made up her mind. That day, in the hotel room they had a conversation that had led to this day in Megan’s life. He waited for her decision. He had given her the time she wanted. He had told her that her decision to marry Daniel had been a wrong choice and life was giving her a second chance and she should grasp it before it is too late. He had agreed to postpone his plans of leaving so that Megan had the time she needed to make the decision.
She had asked him to come to her house the next day so that he could get his answer.
He smiled as he looked in the mirror in his hotel room. From whatever he had experienced in the past few weeks as he had met Megan, he was sure that she would come back to him. This is where she was meant to be, in his arms! Tomorrow he would have what he had desired all along. His Megan would be in his life, forever.


Megan was still staring out of the window. Earlier, as she had been seated on the couch, from the corner of her eyes she had seen Daniel staring at her. She had known that he was worried for her. Daniel always told her that her face clearly reflected her thoughts. This was one more thing that was troubling her. Had Daniel been aware of all the things she had done behind his back? Had he been aware all the while that she had been secretly meeting Chris?

Megan regretted her decision of meeting Chris at the café. As she had seen Chris for the first time, waiting for her at the entrance, she had been more than sure that he still loved her. She should have moved back, got into her car and drove away, Megan thought. But, instead of doing anything of such sort she had walked towards him and had allowed matters to go to such an extent. Chris had been full of questions as they sipped coffee and Megan had a feeling that he was trying to gauge whether she was happily married to Daniel. Of course she was. In spite of all their little quarrels and the negligence on Daniel’s part, they were still together. But, the recent happenings of Megan’s life had made the picture seem otherwise, to Chris. When Daniel had gone out of town one day before their wedding anniversary, Megan had decided to let him know that he could not take her for granted anymore.

Chris had called her a day before and asked to meet but Megan had refused. When Megan learned that Daniel was out of town and would not be home for their anniversary she had been deeply hurt and she wanted to do something that would hurt Daniel. But, she had failed to understand that she would be the one to get hurt. When Chris had called again, she had agreed to meet him and as she had met Chris that day, somehow it had been evident in her eyes that she was hurt about Daniel’s absence.
When she had returned from the café, Megan had not been sure whether her decision to meet Chris had been the right one. It was confirmed that she had made a wrong decision, when at night, past twelve she had heard the sound of key turning in the lock of the main door and she had seen a silhouette walking towards her, silhouette of someone familiar. She had propped up on her elbow on hearing the sound and as she switched on the bedside lamp to find Daniel at the door with a bouquet of her favorite flowers, she had then realized that Daniel had remembered the anniversary and wanted to give her a pleasant surprise. She had jumped out of bed and hugged Daniel. As he had wrapped his arms around her, she had cried.

As they spent time in each other’s arms after passionate love making, Megan had promised herself that she would not meet Chris again. She had avoided his calls on her cell; she avoided him as he followed her to her workplace. She had made up her mind of complaining to Daniel about Chris stalking her but once again, Daniel was not around. Megan tried to reach him on his cell and the call was attended by a woman. Had it been day time she could have not bothered to think who the woman was but it had been night time, the time when Daniel was meant to be alone. She had disconnected the call immediately. She knew Daniel would call her back and he had. She never asked him about the woman and he never told her. Hence there was no chance of her knowing that the woman who had attended the call was one of the staff members of the hotel where Daniel was staying and he had forgotten his mobile in the conference room and the staff member had attended the call with the intention of telling Megan to call again after some time so that she could arrange to send the mobile to Daniel’s room. Daniel had explained it to Megan when she had asked him, but by then it had been too late. Megan had already walked towards Chris. She met him again when she had spotted him outside the café. They met many times after that. Sometimes when Daniel was out of town and she needed to spend time with a friend and sometimes even when Daniel was around and Chris needed to spend with a friend.

Once Chris had held her hand when she was deep in thoughts but she had not moved back, she did not know why. Perhaps because she needed to be comforted, especially because it was on the same day, few years ago that she had undergone spontaneous abortion.
Over a period of time, Megan found a lost friend in Chris. The way he treated her made her feel comfortable in his presence. He told her about his life that he had led after she walked out of his life. He told her about another woman who had come in his life only to walk out later. He told her that he had been wounded twice and now he did not want to fall in love again. Megan had then felt guilty blaming herself for whatever happened in Chris’s life. She considered it her responsibility to bring him out of the past but she never realized when she, herself drifted into the past, with Chris.

When Chris had kissed her on her cheek as they were seated in the park, she had wanted to go back home because she felt weak from within. She knew she had to go away from Chris as soon as possible because she could feel the surge of hormones in her body. But, the inevitable had happened and as they were still in the park, Chris had kissed her. She tried to convince herself to move back but she lost the battle and had kissed him back. Then ashamed of what she had done, she had walked away without looking at Chris.
Back home, when Daniel had seen her pale, he had asked her the reason for it and she had lied, for the first time in her life.

Megan had been surprised to know that even Daniel remembered that day and he had understood that Megan was upset because she was re-living the hurt she had undergone years ago. Daniel had taken her in his arms and comforted her. That night, she had cried in the bathroom. Once again she made up her mind to not let this happen. That night, for the first time she had taken sleeping pills, hoping that she would wake up with no account of whatever had happened in the recent past. But all had come back to her when Chris had called up again requesting her to meet him for the last time because he was leaving town, forever. Megan had agreed because she thought this last meeting would put an end to her disorderly life.
As she had reached the reception area of the hotel where was supposed to meet Chris she had found that Chris had still not come down from his room. When she had called to tell him that she had reached, he had asked her to come to his room. This was what Megan had dreaded. She insisted that she would wait for him in the lobby but he pleaded her to come up.
That was her final wrong step.

When she was in his room and she had seen him packing his bags she knew instantly what he had intended to do. He was in his shorts and he had made advances towards her. Megan could not stop him from kissing her but when he had moved his hand over her breast trying to arouse her; she had tried to move back. Chris had then tried to unbutton her shirt but she had stepped back and had tried to walk out of the room. Chris had then apologized for his behavior and promised not to repeat it. Chris had then tried to explain to her that he still loved her and he wanted her to return to him. Megan had then told him that it was not possible; she was very much in love with Daniel and did not intend to cheat on him.
“Then what were you doing all this while?” Chris had asked her. He was right. She had been cheating on Daniel all this while. Chris had tried to convince her that she was not happy in her marriage with Daniel and that was the reason why she was with him, in this hotel room. He told her that she loved him and wanted to be with him. Megan had stood there, silent. Chris had then suggested that she tell Daniel about him and all that she had been doing behind Daniel’s back.
Chris had moved towards her again and tried kissing her but she refused. But, Chris had not let her go. He had wrapped his arms around her waist and pleaded to consider what he had said. Megan tried to free herself but Chris continued to kiss her, continuously stating how much he loved her. He had unbuttoned her shirt and was about to slid it off her shoulders when she had found her voice again –
“Give me some time” she had said. She wanted to buy time. Somehow she had not been able to gather enough courage to slap him though she had mentally slapped him a several times. Megan knew that she had acted like a coward, perhaps that is what she was; a coward. Instead of reacting, instead of putting up a fight and telling Chris that he had misjudged her behavior, instead of telling Chris how much she loved Daniel, she had simply bought time for herself.

Chris had given her the time she wanted. He had postponed his plans of leaving the town. He told Megan that he would talk to Daniel about their relationship if she was feeling afraid to do so. Megan had not failed to interpret the message in the statement. Chris wanted her to tell Daniel everything about what had happened between them or else he would expose her and thus ruin her marriage. What had she got herself into?
Megan had asked him to come home the next day; that is tomorrow. If everything happened as per what she assumed would happen, then, she was sure, Chris would have a message waiting for him as he would visit her.

On returning home Megan had made up her mind that she would tell Daniel about Chris. After dinner, as they had spent time in the living room, Megan wanted to tell Daniel about Chris and all that had happened between them, but she wanted to do it in her own way. By doing this she was preparing herself for a straight answer. Either a complete re-union or separation! Megan was the kind of woman who could not tolerate living on the edge. Agreed, the recent past suggested otherwise but Megan was not the woman who would double time anyone, especially Daniel, the man whom she loved a lot. If Daniel would accept her in spite of her mistake, she would be the happiest woman on this earth, but just in case he found it difficult to forgive her, found it difficult to believe that whatever she told him was the entire truth, then, she preferred being divorced, rather than live with him, a life full of guilt.

Unfortunately, the conversation had not started the way she wanted it to. Daniel had a bad day at office. She was unsure whether it was the right time to talk to him about Chris but the fact was that she did not have time. When Megan had tried talking to Daniel he had replied to her comments in a slightly irritated manner, which had evoked Megan’s anger. Finally she had spoken firmly, a little more than what she had intended to.
“Daniel, I want a divorce”
Daniel had been taken aback and watched Megan closely as she got up from the couch and walked towards the window. She had then turned to look at him and he tried to read in between the lines.
“What’s wrong?” he had asked
“I am tired of living like this” Megan had told the truth. She was definitely tired of living like this. She wanted to make amendments in her life.
“What have I done wrong this time?” Daniel had asked, confused.
“You have not done anything wrong, Daniel. It is me who is wrong this time, please understand me and tolerate me and my stupidity. Just do not give up on me ok!” Megan wanted to tell Daniel but she could not utter a single word. She turned to look out of the window. It had started to drizzle.
“There are some decisions in life that you should allow me to take on my own” Megan had then pretended to complain.
Daniel had reacted in the manner she had assumed he would and Megan was glad about it. Finally burdened by the conflict going on within her, she had asked him to leave her alone. She needed time to tell him the truth; she wanted to say it in the right way because her future depended on how she said it. As Daniel walked out of the room, leaving her alone with her thoughts, she had closed her eyes and prayed for strength. This time she was going to tell him the entire truth. Tell him that she wanted to get divorced because she was feeling guilty for what she had done.


Megan looked towards the bedroom and she saw Daniel sitting on her side of the bed. She saw that he was holding the letter he had written to her, the letter that had changed everything. The letter that had made her the woman she was today, the letter which made her take a decision that had made her happy. Since the beginning, Megan was sure that Daniel was the man for her. Even now, she knew she had taken the right decision that day as she had kissed Daniel.
Megan smiled as she reminisced about the kiss at the riverbank. Nothing, absolutely nothing compared to the chemistry they had felt between them, that day.
If Daniel decided to divorce Megan, she would let him do it but at the same time she was sure that she would not go back in Chris’s life. Never!

Megan walked towards the bedroom, preparing herself for what was about to happen. Daniel placed the letter under the pillow as he saw Megan walking towards him.
“I want to tell you something” Megan began
“I am all yours” Daniel said and he meant it.
Daniel knew that the time had come when his wife was ready to confide in him, she had finally prepared herself to tell him what was bothering her. He had known right from the beginning that she would tell him, she just needed time and he had given it to her.
“Chris is in town” she started straightaway.
“Oh” that was all Daniel could manage to say.
Then Megan told Daniel about Chris’s call. Told him about their meetings, the kiss at the park and then, her final visit to Chris’s hotel! Daniel listened to her with hands folded under his chin. So this is what it was all about! Chris. He had returned in her life.
Daniel knew about Megan’s visit to the hotel. He had seen her at the reception, talking over the phone and then he had seen her walking towards the elevator.
Daniel had been to the hotel for a meeting with foreign delegates and that is when he had seen her. He had been bothered about it all the while. That was the reason he could not talk to her much during dinner. That was the reason he had been frustrated while talking to her after dinner. He knew deep down that Megan would tell him about it but when she had not spoken anything about the hotel visit he had started getting restless.
He never realized that Megan had stopped talking. He looked at her.
“Daniel, I want you here with me, not only physically but mentally too. This is important for me.” Megan pleaded.
Daniel apologized for being distracted. “This is important for me too” he said
Megan’s eyes brimmed with tears.
Megan had told him about her visit to Chris’s hotel but she had yet to tell him about what had happened in the room.
She started speaking, choosing her words carefully. It was really important that Daniel understood her, it was really important that Daniel believed her. It was really important for Daniel to know that she had not crossed the line.
She told him how she had been tricked to go to his room and then told him how he had kissed her and tried to undress her. She admitted that she could not control herself when he had kissed her but when he had tried to unbutton her shirt she knew that she had to draw a line. She told Daniel how she had stepped back and how Chris had tried to convince her that she was meant to be with him. She told Daniel how she had asked for time.

Megan looked at Daniel, trying to read his expressions but his face was neutral.
“Daniel, it is important that you trust me.” Megan bit her lip the moment she said this.
After all that she had done how could she expect Daniel to trust her?
“I mean it and I am telling the truth, when I say that I am still yours and I did not cross the line when I was in Chris’s room.”
Daniel did not say anything. Megan cleared her throat and continued, “I asked for divorce because I cannot live with this guilt forever. I am not sure whether you would forgive me for all that has happened but I want to tell you that I love you, I really do and I would love you forever.”
Daniel got up from the bed and walked out of the room.
Megan collapsed on the floor and started crying.
Daniel’s first reaction to what Megan had told him was that of fury. He wanted to walk out of the house, to Chris’s hotel and beat him up for what Chris had done to Megan. But, later on he decided that it would be best if Chris came to their house, tomorrow. He would then handle the matter in his way, in a sensible way.

Daniel heard Megan crying inside the bedroom. His own eyes brimmed with tears. He remembered those days when Chris and Megan were together. Whatever Megan told him just a few minutes ago somehow gave him a feeling that she had re-lived those days of togetherness. Yes, it was true that she had not crossed the line, he trusted her on that but she did spend time with Chris without telling him about it. Daniel pinched the bridge of his nose to stop the tears from flowing.
Who was to be blamed for whatever had happened? Megan? No, not at all! Chris? Perhaps, yes! He had tricked Megan into all this. But, he knew that Chris believed that years ago Daniel had done the same thing to him. As per what Chris still thought, Daniel had snatched Megan out of his life. No, it was not entirely Chris’s fault. Daniel had a major role to play in whatever happened. Had he been there whenever Megan had needed him, had he understood and cared for her feelings, had he bothered to understand the incompleteness she was experiencing after the abortion, had he cared to know how lonely she had become, all this would have not happened. Yes, he was the one who was at fault and he was going to amend that.

Megan waited for Daniel to come back in the room, even if it meant that he cursed her for double timing him, even if it meant that he told her how much he hated her. She had prepared herself to hear the harsh words that he too wanted a divorce. But, Daniel did not come back to the room and that hurt her the most. She saw him sitting on the couch; she knew he was thinking, but what? She did not know what his thoughts were, if she could read his thoughts she would have not cried herself to sleep.
Finally making up his mind, Daniel got up from the couch and walked towards the bed. He walked close to Megan and realized that her breathing was uniform, she was asleep. He walked to his side of the bed and slid in next to her.

In the morning, as Daniel opened his eyes he saw that Megan was still sleeping. The sunrays coming through the window fell on her face and that gave her an angelic look. Daniel smiled. He loved doing this. He loved watching her as she slept peacefully. Daniel saw the involuntary movement of Megan’s eyeballs; he knew that she was dreaming. He pushed back the strand of hair covering her eye. Megan’s lips curved into a smile. Daniel continued staring at her as he moved his hand from her face to her neck and then rested it on her stomach. Megan opened her eyes and saw Daniel propped up on his elbow and staring at her. She was not sure whether she was meant to smile but as Daniel smiled, tears trickled down the side of her eyes and got absorbed in her pillow. This man loved her so much! Did she deserve it?
“I love you, Meg” Daniel said as he kissed her.
Megan put her arm around Daniel and kissed him back.
This was how it was going to end, she knew it.
“But most importantly” Daniel said disengaging his lips from hers. Megan stared at him, not sure what he was going to say.
“I hate to get up from both the sides of the bed” Daniel said with a serious expression on his face and they both burst out laughing.