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I will soon be publishing a book of two short stories.
  1. Is This Love 
  2. Autumn - The Last Leaf ( this story has already been published on the blog. Read here)
and would be distributing it free of cost.
The reason for publishing Is This Love and distributing this book free of cost can be found here

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Of course, the shipping would be free, too and it does not matter where you stay (provided you are in this world!)
The synopsis of "Is This Love" as written by Deepa Govind

IS THIS LOVE opens with a respect for friendship that Vishaal and Sheetal share. They live together and conduct themselves as being rational, mutually understanding and admiring friends. Even though both share the same roof, they are nowhere near to being lovers. At least not until Sheetal starts dating Aman and Vishaal starts missing her. Sheetal’s absence gives Vishaal a lot of time to ponder over his feelings towards her. Having convinced himself over his love for Sheetal, he decides to help her with her marriage to Aman; after all, what matters the most is who Sheetal loves to be with.

Sheetal is a smart, independent, and outspoken woman. She has no qualms about her friendship and living-in arrangement with Vishaal, and does not attempt to hide or justify this friendship to anyone. Workplace romance was inevitable between Sheetal and Aman. She has his photo beside the bed so that she could go to sleep looking at his smile. But… did she really love Aman?

Aman is very much in love with Sheetal, but loathes the thought of her friendship with Vishaal. Yet, he stands by his ladylove when his parents confront her over Vishaal and her relationship. He marries Sheetal much against the wishes of his parents.

Marriage was not a bed of roses for Sheetal. Her visit to catch up with Vishaal starts infuriating Aman. Aman’s parents were not of much support either, reflecting contempt at every gesture. One day, Aman’s simmering skepticism erupts as blows. Deeply hurt both on the inside and on the outside, she turns to Vishaal for solace, yearning for Aman in her heart. The doorbell rings on an unsuspecting afternoon. But, is it Aman at the door? Or did his intentions take shape? What provoked Aman to manhandle Sheetal on that fateful day? The events that follow, takes us through the course of love, life and trust amongst the three.


Returning home after a tiring day at work was something Vishaal looked forward to because he knew there was someone waiting for him. Someone with whom he could share the happenings of the day and talk about how busy his schedule was without being shouted at for being late or being accused for not paying attention on the personal front. He knew Sheetal would be waiting for him when he returned home, ready to offer a massage in case he was too tired. He knew she would get him a glass of water and listen to all that he had to say.

He had grown used to the fact that he would never need to use the extra key they kept under the pot outside their apartment. He had grown used to the fact that the door would be opened without having to press the doorbell because Sheetal would be waiting at the balcony, and the moment he parked his car she would rush to open the door. The first thing he would smell on entering would be the aroma of snacks she would have made for him, knowing he would be hungry. Somehow, all this had changed

Today as Vishaal drove into the parking lot he involuntarily looked up at the balcony. Like he had half expected, the door of the balcony was closed. Suddenly, he felt tired at the thought of the next few things he would have to do after reaching his apartment, starting from picking up the key from under the pot to cooking his own snacks. Apart from this there were things he would not be able to do like sharing the most important event at the office. Though it was good news, it had lost its charm the moment Vishaal realized that Sheetal was not at home. Even today he was going to be lonely, like he had been for the past few weeks. Though he knew he had no control over what was happening and there was nothing he could do to change it… why did he feel the urge to change all this? Did he have the right to interfere in Sheetal’s life?

Pushing thoughts aside, he got out of the car and walked to the elevator. A few people greeted him on the way and though he was unwilling to return their greetings he still smiled back, because this was one thing Sheetal had taught him. He learned from her not to let his own frustration or tiredness reflect on his behavior. In spite of all the good things he had learned, he was thankful that he was alone in the elevator. He knew he would not be able to handle more smiles and hellos on the way to his apartment where no one was waiting for him. Why had he become so used to Sheetal? He did not know.

As he reached the apartment the closed door was anything but welcoming. Instead of reaching for the key he got back into the elevator and pressed the button for the topmost floor of the building. On reaching the top floor he exited the elevator and walked a flight of stairs to the terrace. As the evening air brushed against his skin he longed for Sheetal’s touch on his shoulders, slowly massaging his aching body. The massages not only made him feel rejuvenated but also made him feel as if he belonged to someone. He kept his bag on the bench and walked to the edge. He loosened his tie, took a deep breath and tried to relax. He spent some time on the terrace, silently savoring the calmness around. His society was away from the main road and hence the sound of vehicles was almost obliterated by the dense plantation.


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