New Beginning - 3

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“Anyways, what would you have for dinner? Let us pamper ourselves with something delicious. I do not want you to taste my cooking; you might want to leave tonight”
Grishma smiled.
Sameer picked up the phone and ordered.

At night, Sameer slept on the couch, allowing Grishma to sleep on the bed. That night as Grishma slept comfortably in the warm blanket she could feel the warmth only of the blanket. That night she did not feel Yash’s breath on her neck. She spent some time lying awake in her bed, her eyes refusing to stay open and her mind not allowing her to sleep. Yesterday night, when she had convinced herself that it was her last night in the house she had spent time crying the whole night. She had felt Yash’s warmth encompassing her cold body as she stood staring outside the window. But tonight, she could not feel him. Tonight, she found herself praying to feel his presence though all these days she tried to come out of that feeling. How could his presence leave her suddenly, just like that? She did not get the answer. Perhaps it was right there in front of her, but she failed to notice. She never knew when she fell asleep.
The next morning as she walked to the washroom she half-expected seeing Yash but, she did not see him. She brushed her teeth and took a shower. When she walked out of the bedroom, the breakfast was served on the table.
“Good morning”
“Good morning” Grishma said unwillingly.
Just a few more minutes and I will be out of this house and away from this man, Grishma thought. She was angry on him. She concluded that it was because of him she did not feeling Yash’s presence in the house anymore. Future had the answer to all her doubts; she just needed time to reach there.
“Are you okay?”
“I am fine” Grishma replied, clearly irritated.
Sameer could not understand what was wrong. Yes, he knew it had something to do with pregnancy, in a way. He had heard it from so many women. About the bouts of anger, sudden crying spells, etc. His wife had also been through this. Suddenly, the expression on his face changed and he turned away from Grishma.
She felt that it was because of her rude behavior
“I am sorry. I just don’t know what is happening to me.” Grishma said rubbing her forehead.
“It’s okay.”

Both of them finished the breakfast in silence.
Grishma looked at her wristwatch; Anita would be coming any moment. She did not want to leave with a bad impression on Sameer’s mind.
She looked at him, “I hope you do not find me to be too rude. I know in the very few hours that we spent together, I have lost my temper on you several times.”
“No, it is fine. It has nothing to do with you. Actually, I am an irritating kind of person. My wife, too, said the same thing about me.”
“Did you have any pain at night? Sameer asked, changing the topic.
Grishma shook her head while she tried to read his expression.
Sameer excused himself and walked to the kitchen with the plates.

He was never like that; he never spoke about his personal life in front of a stranger. How could he just break the barriers and keep talking to someone whom he had not known before yesterday and who would soon be walking out of the front door! Sameer tried to analyze his recent behavior.
The doorbell rang and before he could move to open the door, Grishma told him that she would open it.
“Hi” Anita said as soon as the door was opened.
“Hi” Grishma greeted her with a smile.
“Let us go” Anita said looking at Grishma.
“I will get my stuff”
“I will get it for you” Sameer said as he came out of the kitchen.
“I will get it” Grishma insisted. She wanted to go to the bedroom before walking out of the house.
As she turned around to go she felt the similar heaviness in her womb. She ignored it and walked inside.
When she reached for her luggage she felt the pain again, sharper this time. She yelled in pain.

When Sameer and Anita rushed inside they found Grishma on the floor.
“Oh My God!” Anita screamed as she rushed towards Grishma.
“She unconscious, do something” she told Sameer.
Sameer knelt down near her and picking her in his arms walked out of the house. Anita closed the door behind her.
Grishma was taken to the hospital in Anita’s car.
Anita called up Grishma’s doctor as Sameer spoke to the resident doctor briefing him about the pain.
The doctor handed over the consent form to Sameer and asked him to fill it up. He handed over the form to Anita.
Grishma’s doctor arrived on time and she joined the attending doctor when Grishma was taken inside for tests.
Sameer and Anita stood outside.
“What could be wrong?” Anita was talking to herself.
“I could not find anything wrong. I checked her previous records too, while she was asleep. The pregnancy is proceeding normally.” Sameer assured her.
“She’s been thinking too much lately, actually she could never come out of the pain of losing her husband.”
Sameer stared blankly towards the bench on the other side of the corridor.
“It is never easy to come out of the pain” he said as he walked towards the bench and sat down.
Anita stared at him.

Grishma’s doctor came out of the room and told them that the tests were normal, there was nothing wrong anywhere. Nothing abnormal could be found during examination and even on ultrasound. There was no explanation for the pain. There were no signs of trauma of any kind even after today’s incident.
“I think it is more of psychological problem. Mental stress, depression!” the doctor concluded.

Three of them stood silently and the silence was broken by the cries of a newborn baby that echoed through the corridor. The man sitting on the nearby bench got up in excitement and walked towards a room. Sameer looked at him. Suddenly scenes from his past flashed in front of his eyes. He was supposed to be inside the operation room when his wife was in labor but he was stranded outside, in deserted corridor because she refused to allow him inside. She did not want him to attend to her. He did not blame her, how could he? The fact was that he was happy to be standing outside. He could not gather courage to go in during the second pregnancy because he had killed his first child on the operating table. That is what his wife had said and that is what he believed. It was a forceps delivery and everything had happened suddenly. His child died right in front of his eyes.

Since that day things had changed. He had quit his practice, he was no more confident of attending any surgery. That was the first and the last mistake of his career as an Obstetrician. After so many months, Grishma was the first patient he had examined, acting instinctively. After that accident in which he lost his child things had changed on the personal front too. Sameer’s wife hated to see him. She had not allowed him to come close to her. Those months of his life were the worst months. That phase was a nightmare but it had ended too. Like good things, bad things too came to an end, he believed and he was right. One night, she had forgiven him, just like that.
Though she had forgiven him she did not want to take any risks during the second pregnancy. She had told him politely that her friend had arranged for another doctor to attend to her and he can wait outside the operation room. Sameer had understood the reason behind this decision and he accepted it.

“Excuse me” Anita’s voice brought him out of his thoughts.
“Sorry” Sameer whispered.
‘You look so pale, what is wrong?”
“Nothing” saying so Sameer walked towards the resident doctor who had attended Grishma.
“Can we see her?” Sameer asked the doctor
“Yes, one at a time.”
Sameer looked towards Anita. She said she wanted to go inside first. Sameer stepped back.

The pain of losing his child at his own hands had been very painful for Sameer but it was not all. Life had more pain in store for him. The second pregnancy was caesarian section and both the mother and the child were safe. Sameer was happy. He was smiling when he entered the room. But his smile faded when his close friend walked inside the room. The way he had looked at the child screamed that he was the father. Sameer had turned around to look at his wife; only to find that she was looking at his friend. Sameer had felt like a stranger in the room. He had got up and walked out of the room.
Later on, his wife had confessed that Sameer’s friend was the father of her child and that she loved him and wanted to marry him.
“I never knew when I fell in love with him. I am sorry, I wanted to tell you but I always kept waiting for the right time!” his wife had said
Sameer listened to what she had to say and then he walked out of his wife’s life forever.
“Sameer” Anita said tugging at his sleeve.
“Yes?” Sameer asked in shock.
“What’s happening … Where are you? I have been calling out to you. Grishma wants to talk.”
Grishma was waiting for him.
“How are you feeling?”
“You sure love to scare people”
Grishma smiled
“I wanted to talk to you on something really important” Grishma said with a serious look on her face
“And stupid” Anita said and walked out of the room shaking her head.
Grishma closed her eyes.
“I am listening”
“I am not sure whether you would believe in me, Anita does not.”
“Try me”
“This is bit difficult to accept, for me too, but I have been thinking about this for sometime and whatever I concluded might be weird or stupid but give me some other explanation if you can”
“What is this all about?” Sameer asked growing restless. He never liked surprises or long conversations, the hitting-around-the-bush kind of talks.
“I am talking about the pain. Have you found any proper reason for the pain, anything scientifically proved?”
“No. All your reports are normal, nothing seen on examination or ultrasound.”
“Then perhaps there is some other explanation.”
“And that is?”
“I had this pain, severe pain, only twice and those two times were when I was about to walk out of the house forever.”
Sameer looked at her, surprised. It was true.
“I know this sounds weird but I think it is the baby. It does not want me to leave the house.” Grishma said finally and locked her eyes with Sameer’s. She knew what she was asking from him and she knew he would understand it too. Now, would he accept it or reject it was what remained to be seen!
Sameer was silent.
Grishma continued…
“I had this heavy feeling since I started thinking of vacating the house, which grew stronger when the decision was being made and when it was confirmed, I had this pain. Perhaps, it is all in my head, like Anita says but I feel it is not so. I know I have been having illusions. I have been feeling and seeing my dead husband in the house but this is different, this is real, I can feel it.”
There was no reason for Sameer to not believe what Grishma was saying. Though it did sound a bit weird and as a person of science he could not accept it but he was seeing the belief in Grishma’s eyes. He also believed that the strongest bond on the earth was the one between a mother and her child, born or unborn. If Grishma felt it was so, there were strong chances that it was the truth.
He also understood what it meant. Grishma wanted to stay in the house, which meant he had to move out.
Grishma was waiting for a reaction.
Sameer looked at her and said, “If that is what you feel, it is in your best interest that you stay back in that house.”
“You believe me?”
“There is no reason for me to not believe you, however weird the concept is... we cannot completely ignore it. Just give me some time to find another place.”
Grishma looked at him; she could see the pain in his eyes.
“You can stay in the house till you find one.” Grishma was surprised to hear what she had just said but she could not take back her words.
“Thanks” Sameer said and turned to go.
“Sameer” Grishma called out to him
He turned around.
“You are a kind man.”
Sameer smiled.
Grishma closed her eyes as Sameer walked out of the room.

Anita could not believe that Sameer had agreed to hand over the house back to Grishma. She did not believe that he had supported her theory in first place.
“What kind of doctor are you?” she asked him
“Excuse me?”
“Do you have any supporting proof for her theory?”
“Do you have any other explanation for the pain?”
“Oh come on! Just because there is no proper explanation for the pain, it does not mean her theory is right.”
“I saw it in her eyes. Her belief that the child does not want her to leave the house was so strongly evident.”
“This is just an excuse. She does not want to leave the house because she feels Yash’s presence there.”
“I am sorry to say but you’ve never understood your friend.”
“Excuse me…” Anita said angrily.
“I believe that she was the person who told you about feeling her dead husband’s presence in the house and now she is the one who is telling us that the baby does not want her to leave the house. If you believed in what she said earlier, you should believe in her now. You also fail to understand that opposing her ideas at this stage would make her mentally unstable and that is not good for her. It is just a matter of couple of months.”
Anita was silent. Sameer did have a valid point.

“Ok, perhaps you are right.” Anita said finally.
“What about you? Where would you go?” Anita surprised herself by being so concerned about Sameer.
“I’ll find some other place as soon as I can”
“And till then?”
“She has allowed me to stay back till I find a place for myself.”
“I think I will go inside and see how she is doing” saying so Anita walked towards the room.
Meanwhile, Sameer asked the doctor about Grishma’s discharge. The doctor said that there was nothing wrong with her or the child so they could take her home.

“I cannot believe you allowed him to stay back at your house.” Anita said
“That is the least I can do.” Grishma tried to justify her decision, the decision, which had surprised her too.
“But, you just met this guy yesterday and you trust him enough to live with him in the house, all alone?”
“It is not a matter of trust, it is about adjustments” Sameer said as he entered the room.
Anita turned to look at Sameer, clearly feeling awkward that he had overheard the conversation.
“In fact, as we were waiting outside I was about to tell you this but then you walked inside. Grishma and I had a discussion and we thought it would be a great favor if you could stay with us.” Sameer said looking in Anita’s eyes.
Grishma looked at Sameer. He handled the matters so efficiently. She knew that Sameer was lying to Anita about their discussion only to save Grishma from an awkward position.
“Well! I will try but I need to ask my folks. Plus I have my office too.” Anita replied.

Finally Anita agreed to stay at Grishma’s place. She told Grishma that she would manage office staying at Grishma’s house and on weekends, she would spend some time with her folks. Grishma was glad that Anita’s parents had agreed to all this.
When Grishma stepped inside the house she could feel that the house was happy to have her back. It seemed as if the walls were smiling at her. Grishma placed a hand on her womb and smiled.
As Anita unpacked her stuff in the bedroom, Sameer and Grishma spent time in the living room.
“Thanks” Grishma broke the silence
“Convincing Anita about the pain”
Sameer smiled.
“And … also for taking care of that “trust” matter” Grishma smiled.
“It’s ok”

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