New Beginning - 2

New Beginning - 1

When Grishma opened her eyes, she realized that she was inside her house. She was sleeping in her bed and her own bed-sheet covered her body. She looked around and saw a man standing at the window.
She was about to get up …
“Please, do not move”, the man said as he moved towards her.
“Who are you and what am I doing here?”
“I found you in the corridor, stuck between the doors of the elevator. You had lost consciousness. I brought you inside”
Suddenly she remembered everything that had happened. The pain in her heart and the pain in her womb…
“As far as the first part of the question is concerned, I am Sameer and you are in my house.”
My house, did the man just say My House? It took some time for the words to sink in. Indeed, it was no more her house. So, this was the man who had bought her house. She looked at him closely.
The man smiled and she looked away.

She moved her hand over her belly. No pain. A worried look came over her face and the man knew what she was thinking.
“It is fine. That was the first thing I checked when I brought you inside.”
“I am an Obstetrician.”
As a patient she should have not felt like this but then she did feel it. She felt as if some stranger had intruded her privacy.
“I am sorry; I just could not wait for your consent.” the man apologized.
“It’s fine. In fact, I am thankful to you for all that you did.”
“What had happened?”
“I don’t know; I had this severe pain in the womb…”
“Everything seems to be normal. On examination, at least! Has this happened before today?”
“I did feel restless before, but this pain, it just happened today as I walked out of the house.”
“Did you get any tests done?”
“Yes. All the reports are normal. I just visited my doctor yesterday, she said everything is fine.”
“We will get all the tests re-done if you feel the pain again.” The man told her.
“Ok” Grishma whispered.
“Sleep for some time. I will just look around; this is my first day in this house.”
Grishma stared at him as Sameer got up to walk around the house.
She felt as if her private life was put on display. Sameer’s presence in the house felt like trespassing when actually she was the one who was not meant to be in the house. She looked at Sameer as he walked to the window and stood there for a while, looking outside and feeling the breeze on his face.
Grishma remembered how she loved staring at Yash as he looked out of the window, deep in thoughts. She shook her head and closed her eyes.

Sameer turned around after some time only to find Grishma sleeping peacefully. He closed the window and walked towards the bed. He adjusted the bed-sheet so as to cover Grishma properly and then he walked out of the bedroom.
When Grishma woke up it was dark. She could not believe that she had slept the whole afternoon. Perhaps, she needed the rest. She got up from the bed and carefully walked out of the bedroom. The television was switched on with low volume.
“Yash, I’ve told you so many times, never leave the TV on when you are not around.” Saying so Grishma picked up the remote to switch off the television but suddenly froze where she stood when she realized what she had just said.
Sameer had come out of kitchen as he heard her voice and was now staring at her.
“Are you fine?”
Grishma turned to look at him. She felt a lump in her throat and throwing the remote on the couch she walked to the washroom.
Staying alone for all these weeks, she had got used to silence all around her and when she heard the television sound, she unknowingly drifted into the past, the times when Yash was alive. For a moment she had forgotten that he was dead.
Seeing another man in her house had upset her tremendously and now all the emotions inside her came out in the form of a reflex action. She vomited, crying at the same time.
There was a knock on the door.
“Are you fine?”
“Leave me alone” she screamed from inside the washroom.

Sameer had turned off the television. When Grishma opened the door she saw him standing outside.
“I am sorry.” Sameer said
Grishma looked around.
“Where is my luggage?”
“In the bedroom”
Grishma walked towards the bedroom and picked up her luggage.
“Where are you going?”
“Out of this house.”
“I won’t let you go”
“And who are you to stop me?”
“A doctor”
Sameer extended his hand and she pushed the luggage in his hand and walked to the living room
After few minutes Sameer joined her in the living room.
“Would you like some coffee?”
Sameer walked to the kitchen and brought two cups of coffee and kept one cup in front of Grishma. Already irritated, she lost her temper when she saw the cup in front of her.
“With whose permission did you take this out?”
“Excuse me?”
“I had given instructions that I would appreciate if the things in the attic are not touched. You could not respect my request? You should have at least waited for me to leave this house.”
“Stop … I do not see the reason for you to get so excited. What is wrong? This is my cup, I just unpacked. I have not touched anything in this house, at least not yet.”
“Wait a minute” Sameer said suddenly.
“Are you the lady who sold this house?”
Sameer did not need an answer to this question. Grishma’s tears explained everything and then one by one he got answers to all his doubts.
It explained the vacant look on her face as she opened the eyes and looked around; the frustrated look on her face as he walked around the house. The easiness with which she moved from one room to the other as if she and the house were used to one another! He then realized how she must have felt all this while to see another man in her house. The house she had shared with her husband.

His lawyer had told him that the house belonged to a widow but he did not know that Grishma was the one his lawyer had been talking about. How could he know? He had assumed that the previous owner might be some old woman who needed money and hence had agreed to give away the house at whatever price it was sold. Now, he understood the reasons behind the strict instructions of not coming face to face with the person buying the house.

“I am sorry …” Grishma said, breaking Sameer’s thought process.
“Actually, those should have been my words. I should have not shouted at you like this. I mean, I never imagined that you must be the owner of this house.”
“Previous owner” Grishma said, her own words hurting her deeply.
The awkward silence that followed was suddenly broken by the ringing of Grishma’s mobile. She tried to get up.
“I will get the phone for you” Sameer said walking towards the bedroom.
By the time Sameer reached the living room the mobile had stopped ringing. Grishma saw the display. It was Anita’s call.
Grishma called her.
“Where are you?”
“At home.”
”You were supposed to vacate today, right?”
“Yes, but I could not”
“Come on Grishma, you have to do it someday, just get out of that place, okay. I am coming to get you, right now.”
“Hello, just listen to me”
And then Grishma told her what had happened earlier in the day.
“And you said this man who has bought your house is a doctor?”
“Ok. So are you comfortable staying there? Or do you want me to come to pick you up? I will get my car.”
That was a difficult question to answer. She looked at Sameer. After handing over the phone to her, he had walked to the kitchen to give her the required privacy. She wanted to stay back. It was as if there was some sort of force that wanted her to stay back.
“Hello, are you there?”
“Anita, I am tired, I think I should listen to what the doctor says. I need to take some rest.”
“Ok! I will come over tomorrow, first thing in the morning and I am not asking you this time.”

After some time Sameer came back to the living room.
“I hope you are not leaving”
“I am staying tonight. My friend is coming to pick me up tomorrow, first thing in the morning, she said.”
“First thing in the morning” Sameer smiled
“What is so funny about it?”
“Nothing, it just reminded me of someone” Sameer replied “Ghosts from the past” he said to himself.
Awkward silence…
“I think I should go and arrange for the dinner.” Sameer got up to go.
Grishma did not fail to notice the shadow of pain in his eyes even if he smiled as he said those lines.

The window in the living room was open and the cold breeze made her shiver. She adjusted herself on the couch and wrapped her arms around herself.
Sameer saw her movement from the kitchen and walked to the bedroom to get a shawl for her.
“You really need not do all this.” Grishma said as he handed over the shawl to her and walked to close the window.
“It is just a matter of one day; this is the least I can do in return, for what you did for me.”
“What did I do for you?”
“You gave me this house right when I needed it.”
“I wanted to sell it and you just happened to buy it that is all”
“You sold it to me at the cost I could afford to buy.”
Grishma did not say anything. She remembered that her lawyer had told her about Sameer’s financial condition and she agreed to sell it for whatever price he could afford. She did not know who Sameer was; she had not wanted to come face to face with the buyer. Everything was arranged by her lawyer. Sameer got the chance to see the house when Grishma was at her doctor’s clinic. She had arranged it that way.

“On the other hand, as a doctor, I feel more responsible towards you.”
Grishma looked at him
“I mean, I was really worried when I found you stuck in between the doors of the elevator. I had to act immediately.”
“I am glad you found me”
“So am I”
Both of them looked at each another. For a moment their eyes met but Grishma looked away immediately. There was an awkward silence between the two, which was broken by Sameer…

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