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He knew that Vishakha felt the same for him as he did for her. But there was still a lot to overcome. There were a few barriers waiting to be shed and he was going to help her shed them. He had convinced himself several times that it was not meant to be and that his love for Vishakha was nothing but mere infatuation, but every time he thought so he was more in love with her. It had never happened to him before. Never had he felt like this but today it was different.

Perhaps it was wrong to get involved with Vishakha but he was ready to take the chance and face the consequences. He did not realize that Vishakha had turned around and was staring at him as he was deep in thoughts. When he saw her looking at him he turned around to go. He had almost reached the door when Vishakha called from behind “You are leaving? Has it got anything to do with what happened some time ago? Vishaal I never meant to…” She still had to complete her sentence but before that she felt the wetness of his lips on hers. That moment Vishakha forgot everything, she was only a woman who needed to be loved. She responded to the kiss and as they kissed she held him in her arms. Vishaal placed his hand on her waist and slowly started moving upwards. He had almost reached her breast when something stopped him from going further. He moved back. He looked at Vishakha, she had closed her eyes and her lips were parted perhaps still savoring the flavor of his kiss but when she realized he had stopped she opened her eyes. Vishaal shook his head and walked out of the door. As the door closed Vishakha collapsed on the floor and began crying.

The next few days she did not see him at the sea-shore though she desperately wanted to meet him and talk. She had done a lot of thinking after Vishaal had left her house that night and had felt that perhaps they were hurrying into the relationship and she needed more time. What did she know about him? Nothing! But she felt that it was already too late to move back. The thought lingered somewhere at the back of her mind, or was it her heart! She had to admit that she was in love. In love with a new man she hardly knew. This was the second time she was falling in love in a short span of time. Was she repeating her mistake? She turned around to go and had almost banged into a man who was standing behind her. She looked at him as Vishaal placed his hand on her shoulders. He had been watching her secretly for a few days as she waited for him at their regular meeting spot. Today he had to confront her and tell her that he was not supposed to love her.
But the look in Vishakha’s eyes stopped him from saying anything. Then the unexpected happened! She embraced him in the middle of the road. He wanted to push her back but instead he wrapped his arms around her. It was more like a man trying to calm down a scared and insecure child. He told her that they should go home and talk.

As they reached Vishakha’s house she went back to his arms. They were alone at home today as Sneha had not returned from the school. But today was not like the other day! Neither of them wanted to go further than the hug. Vishakha wanted to feel secure in his arms and Vishaal meant to give that security to her. After some time as Vishakha moved back Vishaal saw that tears were streaming down her eyes. Vishakha could not believe that the first time when she had seen Vishaal she wanted to help him but today she was the one who needed help. She wanted to talk, for her sake, for Sneha’s sake and for Vishaal’s sake and their life together. She wiped her tears and told Vishaal that she wanted to talk to him. Vishaal held her by her shoulders and made her sit on the sofa. The time had come; barriers were going to be shed. He was ready to listen.
Vishakha started talking to him in slow tone. She told him about the accident that had killed Ajay and Tanya. She told him about the impact it had on her mind. She was weeping uncontrollably when she told him how the accident had happened. Vishaal looked at her with disbelief! Finally he walked to her and embraced her. He was stroking her hair when the doorbell rang. Vishaal got up and opened the door. Sneha’s voice echoed as soon as the door was opened. All of a sudden Sneha stood still, looking at her mother who was still crying. She was unable to understand what was happening, she just ran towards Vishakha and started crying as Vishakha took her in arms. Vishaal stood at the door for some time watching them and then silently left.

Back in his study, Vishaal opened the diary and noted down the happenings of the day. He could not believe what Vishakha had told him. She had confessed that the accident, which killed Ajay and Tanya, was not an accident but a cold-blooded murder. A murder she had committed! The world was spinning faster than expected, there was definitely something wrong, Vishaal had told himself that moment but the explanation Vishakha gave proved him wrong.

Vishakha had indeed killed her husband and sister. Sneha was still crying in her arms but Vishakha’s tears had stopped rolling. She was the kind of woman who cried from the inside but today could not stop tears from flowing. She stroked Sneha’s hair and consoled her. Vishakha remembered ~

Ajay, Vishakha and Tanya were out on vacation when the unexpected had happened. Vishakha had gone to bring groceries from the market and Ajay and Tanya were alone in the cottage they had hired to stay. Vishakha had returned earlier than expected and she had seen Ajay and Tanya together in middle of love making. She had rushed out of the cottage without disturbing them but their naked bodies engaged together as one had stayed in front of her eyes for a long time. She had not shown her anger or hurt openly but on the day when they were supposed to leave, in a fit of anger she tampered with the brakes of their car. She was of the opinion that they deserved to die even if it meant she died with them. Ajay and Tanya behaved as if nothing had happened between them and as they got into the car, Tanya sat on the backseat showing as if the seat next to Ajay was meant only for Vishakha. She smiled as she reminisced about the wonderful time she had with Ajay. Vishakha sat silently preparing herself for what was about to happen to three of them. As the car reached the highway Ajay pressed hard on the accelerator, enjoying the ride to the fullest, taking turns without slowing down unaware of what was waiting to strike. The disaster came in form of the truck speeding towards their car. Ajay hit on the brakes to avoid collision but when the brakes failed to stop the car he steered the wheel and the car took a sharp turn. It was thrown off the road and began to skid on the steep slope of the valley bouncing over the obstructions. Vishakha was not sure whether it the bouncing or her own conscious mind that saved her from going down the valley with the car. She was saved in the accident in which Ajay and Tanya had died but the accident still haunted her to this day.
Vishaal was standing at the window thinking about the happenings of the day. He found it tough to believe that Vishakha had been keeping this secret for more than a year now and this was the reason for her disturbed mind. Vishaal remembered the day when Vishakha’s parents had approached him because they were worried about their daughter. According to them she was under the false belief that they blamed her for Ajay’s death. They also added that she was very depressed since the accident but had somehow come out of it by burying her mind in her professional life until few days back on Ajay’s and Tanya’s death anniversary. She had also started to neglect her patients, which was not good for her career. They feared that if she was left alone things would worsen and hence they had decided to contact another psychiatrist. That is how Vishaal had come into the picture. Initially Vishaal had feared that Vishakha might know him because both were in same profession but she showed no signs of recognition perhaps because of the state of mind she was in. His idea to befriend her at the sea-shore had clicked and he got a chance to know more about her.

He did not intend to get involved with her but in spite of trying hard he had fallen in love with her. All his attempts had failed that night when they had kissed. Staying away from her was self-imposed punishment for him though later he realized that it was indirectly like punishing her. His decision to get back in touch had finally paid off. Vishakha had come out with the secret that was troubling her. Now, after knowing that Vishakha had committed a crime he was not sure what he was supposed to do. Should he tell her parents about the truth, or inform police about the crime or let her take the decision? He made up his mind and picked up the phone.

Vishakha was still sitting in the hall with Sneha sleeping in her lap when her phone rang. She knew who it was. She had to bring together all her will-power to not answer the call. It was true that she loved him and also knew that he did too but there was still a barrier between the two. Perhaps it was the professional barrier or maybe it was the notion about a patient falling in love with the doctor!

Vishakha had come to know the truth about Vishaal when she had tried to look into his life while trying to help him. But things were different than what she thought. He was the doctor and she was the patient. In spite of this she had let things happen, it was her fault. She had allowed him to come closer, to touch her body and touch her heart! Vishaal’s attempt to help had progressed with her unspoken permission. The fact was that she needed him. When all was said and done and the crime confessed, she no longer had the guts to confront him though indeed she truly loved him.


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