I found this written in my journal. Entry dated 12.10.2003

I keep on telling myself :-
Life is not as easy as its spelling!
So true! But one more fact is that it does spell out its complexity…
Life is sometimes Lovely when things are going our way, when everything around us is so colorful! When things don’t go our way for a few times, it becomes Irritating. We lose our temper on petty issues. When we feel we cannot solve problems we try to elude them. Sort of try to make them a part of us, just as cancer cells growing amidst the normal cells. We know it’s going to proliferate but we are astonished to see the speed with which the problems proliferate. When situation goes out of our hands, we stop pulling our hair instead we scratch our skin. That’s when life becomes Frustrating. We find ourselves to be direction-less, hopeless and without any strength to carry on. A time comes when we step forward to begin the journey in search of Euthanasia.

But –We still have a long way to go before our wish is granted. Life is like a cycle. It keeps turning… L and then I then F then half-expected E. But when we are close to another component of E, that is Excruciating pain, we find the wheel turning back to where it all started. Life becomes Lovely.
A man is a man and not God (Governor Of Death)
So unless He wants us to, we cannot put an end to the cycle of Life.We have to live life as it comes. Simple or complex, perhaps depends upon our way of looking at it. A prisoner waiting in custody for a death sentence or a dove flapping its wings to fly, whichever way you look at it…

The Ultimate Truth is Freedom.

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