I am new to the concept of 55 Fiction. I’d heard about it but never tried because I find it difficult to write following rules. Yes, I have written a few Acrostics, Haikus’, Tankas’ etc. but I love writing free verse. I have now decided to venture into the follow-some-rules-when-you-write zone. I am sure I will be able to do it, just need encouragement from the readers. Help me to grow as a writer.
What follows is my first attempt at 55 Fiction:
Stepping out of the bed, he started his day unwillingly. Word; lies, pretentions, sorry tales, crimes and heart-breaks surrounded him. He listened to each person half-heartedly, as he counted his own sins. Sitting on the receiving end of the confession box he wished he could confess his sins to someone, someday and be set free.
55 fiction at Wikipedia
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