She loved him with all her heart. She gave him all that she could. She cared for him, hugged him when he needed a friend, gave him a peck on the cheek when he was depressed. She helped him with his work, gave him ideas for his new projects, cooked for him when he was hungry. She stayed awake when he could not sleep and he left her when she needed him.
He left her forever and left his ten year old daughter for her to take care of. Daughter someone else had borne. Did she deserve all this? Catherine spent hours standing in front of the mirror, asking this question to herself. Why did she let all this happen? Who was to be blamed? She did not know. All that she knew was that she loved him a lot, loved him enough to spend her life taking care of his ten year old daughter. She was ready to lead her life as his widow though she had not married him.

Roger and she were colleagues and she had been there for him whenever he had needed her. She had met Lily, Roger’s wife, during the final days of her life. She had been there for Roger when he mourned. She had taken care of Roger’s daughter when she had awakened in the middle of the night calling for her mother. That was the first time she had stayed back at Roger’s place. After that she frequently stayed back at his place to take care of his daughter. She had held Roger in her arms as he cried. She had tried her best to bring Roger’s life back to normal.
Three years. She had given three years of her life to Roger, attending to his and his daughter’s needs. Christine and she had become friends. The little girl had accepted Catherine as a part of her life and now Catherine was the only family she had.

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Love Stories - compilation of 30 short stories on love & relationships now available in paperback format on pothi.com and amazon.com, will soon be available on flipkart.com and amazon.in.
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Book details:
Publisher: Arti Honrao
Number of Pages: 315
Dimensions: 6 inch x 9 inch
Interior Pages: Black & White
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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Love Stories

Description of Love Stories:

Love Stories, a compilation of 30 short stories deals with a range of emotions - from the sweet feeling of first love to the brutal and intolerable suffering of a love lost. It includes pangs of jealousy, helplessness of one-sided love, anything and everything to do with love.

Memories play a vital role in our lives and as the protagonists go through emotions, create memories and re-live them, the author assures that you would go through every emotion, feel the turmoil of the protagonists and the warmth that spreads through their body as they bask in the wonderful feeling of Love.

When it comes to the matters of the heart, everything becomes unpredictable; we become what we never thought we would become; nevertheless we turn out to be a better version of ourselves. That's the power of Love. We love people not for what they are; but what we become when they enter our lives.

Read a note from one of the stories in the book

About the author:

What you feel deep within you is more important than what you think you feel...
Reaching that deep within place is not too difficult; you just need to cut off the chaos,
Go on a walk, spend some time with nature, listen to music, do something you really enjoy doing and not do it only because you have to...”

These lines by Arti herself perfectly sum up Arti’s writing and all that it stands for. Her writing represents feelings more than thoughts, insight more than opinions.

When you read her stories, or talk to her about them, you realize that she has lived her stories, each word, each character as though they were a part of another world, a world that she could open for us through her stories. Her blog 'You me and stories' is one such sneak peek into this amazing realm of love and relationships.

Author of fiction books 'My Life-story' and 'Is This Love & Autumn - The Last Leaf', Novel 'Resemblance - The Journey of a Doppelganger' and ‘Love Stories’ – compilation of 30 Short Stories on Love & Relationships, Arti is quite prolific and has written several poems, short stories, blog posts and more. She is an avid reader, an active blogger and a gifted photographer. Her unique way of depicting feeling and emotions, a simple yet skilful use of language and believable characters make her writing truly different. As the author herself admits, she does take words and dip them in feelings! The result is often a sweet and savoury read that keeps the reader asking for more!
A true Mumbaikar at heart Arti is single and currently lives with her parents.

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