Sandhya - 2

Sandhya - Part One

She removed her make-up changed into her favorite jeans and tee-shirt and walked out of her room. She got into her car and without waiting for the chauffeur she drove to her shrink.
He was waiting for her. The moment she walked past the door, he closed the door behind her; she turned around, went into his arms and started crying. He held her close and allowed her to cry. She was crying after so many months. Perhaps it was because of the hormonal changes taking place in her. He understood her need to cry and she knew he cared. He was more than her shrink; he was like a fatherly figure for her, someone she could confide in, someone from whom she could take advice. There were still many things she had to tell him, so many things he had to know to understand why she needed his counseling, to realize how fucked up her life was. She stopped crying and moved back. He handed her a handkerchief and as she wiped her tears he sat on his chair. The session was about to start. She stretched out on the patient’s chair and before he could do what normally his next step was, she asked him whether they could talk off the record. He agreed.

Sandhya started telling him her story. She had already told him about her life in her home-town, how she had left her loved ones to come to Mumbai, how she had struggled to become a model. Then she had told him about the man she was madly in love with. She had told him about Sanjeev. Today, she was going to tell him more about Sanjeev. She told him how one day Sanjeev proposed marriage to her and she accepted. They were married within a month and they went to Mauritius for their honeymoon. Those were the most wonderful days of her life, the days when she felt like a complete woman.
The doctor was listening; he knew “off the record” meant more than sharing of happy days.
Then, she came to the part when everything had changed. Her life had turned upside-down, a few weeks ago. She told him about the night it had all begun, the night Sanjeev had brought a girl in their house. The girl was an aspiring model and Sanjeev had brought her home to tell her the “tricks” of becoming a famous model. The girl was both surprised and glad to see Sandhya in the house. It was then; Sanjeev had asked her to make him a drink. Sandhya was about to react but the look in Sanjeev’s eyes scared her. Before she could turn around to go to the bar, she saw Sanjeev place his lips on the lips of the girl. She heard girl’s stifled reactions and then Sanjeev trying to calm her down. She walked back to the living room wanting to help the girl out of the house but she was shocked to see both of them on the couch, passionately kissing each other. Sandhya stood there, too shocked to move. The girl saw her and signaled to Sanjeev who got up from the couch and holding the girl by her waist walked towards the bedroom.
Sandhya spent the night listening to the instructions Sanjeev gave to the girl, the same instructions he had given her before making love to her and then she heard the sounds of their love making and then she could not sleep as the sounds echoed in her ears.
The next morning the girl walked out of the house without turning to look at Sandhya. Sanjeev went to his work and Sandhya was left with no option but to get ready for her shoot.

Sandhya was silent for a moment. The doctor offered her water, which she gulped down with difficulty, feeling choked, trying to hold back her tears. She then told the doctor that she was pregnant and she was not sure anymore what she wanted to do with her life or the life inside her. She told him about the letter Sanjeev had sent her, asking her to sign the contract earlier in the day, how that contract was going to help them both. She told him how Sanjeev had ended the letter saying that he loved her a lot. And, she started crying. Outside, it started raining. The further discussion was lost in the thundering and the sound of rain as it beat against the window glass. Sandhya had walked to the window. She loved rains. She looked at her own reflection on the window glass covered with rain drops and she was the real Sandhya looking back at her.

That night Sandhya waited for Sanjeev. She knew he would bring another model to give her tips for becoming a famous model. The doorbell rang and as she had expected it was Sanjeev at the door and he had brought a model with him. This one was different than the first one. She was already leaning on Sanjeev and he was holding her by her waist. They both walked towards the couch and almost immediately started kissing each other. Sandhya walked to the bar and readied a drink for Sanjeev. He smiled as she handed the drink to him. He gulped down the drink and stood up to go to the bedroom. The girl followed him. As the door closed, Sandhya closed her eyes and her lips curved into a smile. She could hear the sounds of laughter coming from her bedroom. Sanjeev moved over the girl, kissing her, exploring her body failing to notice the red light of the camera recording his movements.