Late Night Drive…

Nature has always had a soothing effect on my mind. I still remember the day I had spent time with dad amidst nature at Matheran. Read “Silent Moments with Dad” for details.
Recently, I had yet another opportunity to spend time with Nature. I would have never believed that Mumbai can fulfil the desire of mine to spend silent moments with nature; had it not been for my cousin brother who took me on a drive on the 27th (28th) of December. Yes, there were times when I did spend time sitting alone at Band – stand yet I was never at peace. It could never be the way I wanted it to be. Perhaps, night – time was what was missing! My most happy (read peaceful) moments are when I am awake at night while everyone is asleep. I love spending time at my window. Watch the leaves swaying gently with the soft breeze. Sometimes, I get lucky to get a clear view of the moon. It’s something I cannot describe in words. This beauty often inspires me to write.

Anyways – Talking about the drive …
It was not pre-planned. We were sitting on the couch talking to each other and all of a sudden he just asked me whether I would like to go for a drive. I have never left my house so late before this. I thought for a while and I heard myself telling me that I needed this drive. Yes, it was as if God had just granted me my wish. I put on my jeans and we left my house at 12:50 am. We had not made up our mind where to go. He started the car and I just gave him directions to reach Band – Stand. Let me remind you, it is my favourite spot in Mumbai. And, we reached Band – Stand in ten minutes!
The sea was silent but looked beautiful in the moonlight! I wish I had my camera with me. Still, the photographs would have not done justice to the real beauty of the sea I saw with my own eyes. There were a few people around, even a photographer who was trying to freeze the beauty in a picture. He did seem like a professional. If he did capture the beauty, I would love to buy the photograph, whatever it costs! My cousin and I walked for a while before finding a comfortable place to sit and talk. We were talking, I was paying attention to what he was saying but for a moment, I lost him. I lost myself. The sea simply mesmerized me. The silent sea in a way relaxed and silenced my tired and disturbed mind and the moonlight brightened up my soul.  We already had spent one hour at the sea and I would have loved to stay there for some more time but a police constable came and asked everyone to leave. We got into the car and what happened next did ruin the night for a while. As we got into the car and my brother was about to start the ignition, the constable flashed his torch on the window to take a peek inside. Me being short tempered was tempted to roll down the glass and shout at him that we were brother and sister; however, I did nothing of that sort. Perhaps it was the night that calmed me down and after a moment I was laughing about it. My brother and I had to admit that he was just doing his job, thanks to what does actually happen around at such places at such late hours.
After we moved out from Band - Stand we drove to Joggers park and some distance further to stop for a cup of coffee. Cafe coffee day let us down. The shutters were not down and a few guys were sitting inside so we stepped in, only to realize later that it was just the staff, talking. We settled for coffee from the guy carrying the mobile cafe on his bicycle *lol* and believe me, it was worth the money we paid him. In short – Who needs cafe coffee day on such a beautiful night!
We continued our drive for some more time, going to Prabhadevi; Siddhivinayak Temple. The temple was closed but I am sure God did hear our hello! I did not want to return home but …
We were back home at 3 am. We entered the house, carefully opening the door with the key and I tiptoed to my room, changed clothes and slept. Well, not exactly. I was awake for a while, smiling with closed eyes, trying to re-live the beautiful moments, re-visit the beauty of the sea (and the night) captured with the camera of my mind. Yes, it did turn out good. Not as beautiful as the live experience, nevertheless, an image, which would make me smile for days to come.
And, even now as I compose this post, I can vividly see the moon romancing the sea.

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