Recurrent Dreams

Have you ever had any recurrent dream, which takes you where you want to be? The dream you wish to return to, let it be daytime or night-time. The dream, which blends so perfectly with your real life, that you start seeing the characters of your dream moving around you. Have you ever tried to push yourself into deep slumber, just so that you can dream that wonderful dream? Have you ever cried? Have you ever got frustrated the next morning because the dream refused to take you on a trip? The trip, you so desperately waited to take, the trip, which was at the back of your mind even when you were giving a presentation? The trip that filled your heart with hope during those desperate moments of your life when you wanted to run away from everything and everyone!

Have you ever imagined that dream on purpose so that when you fall asleep you become a part of the world, your world, which moves on your terms? Did you ever take someone from your real life, pull that person inside and turn that person into what you really want that person to be?
Have you ever, at least once tried to be a part of someone else’s similar dream? Dream where you are what someone else wants you to be.

... I did