A few things in Life…

A few things in life can never be explained, things, which might not make any sense to the practical mind. Things like –
A drop of tear, which gathers near the bridge of the nose, when we laugh with happiness!

A few things in life are more important than anything else, things, which might seem to be unimportant for the mind overloaded with to-do-lists! Things like –
The nostalgic trip we take when we hear from a faraway and long forgotten friend.
A few things in life do not matter, things, which might seem important for the mind chalking out strategies to reach its goal. Things like –
Money that can buy you buildings, bungalows, gardens, etc. however cannot buy you the peace of mind that follows after being one with nature.
A few things just skip our attention, things, which would make a lot of difference in our lives, things like –
The innocent smile of a child, contagious, in the sense that it would make you smile too. The smile, which would make you feel innocent just like you were, when you were a child! The smile, which would make you feel happy about life and fill your heart with hope.

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