The Fight

He did not know how long he had been standing at the balcony, waiting to see her come. She knew he was standing at the balcony for past one hour. She had been watching him from the café across the street. She did not want him to see her return home. Reason, she did not know. It was either the guilt that was killing her from within or she wanted to give him a surprise.

He was feeling guilty about what he had said to her in fit of anger. He wanted to see her from a distance and guess her mood. He had plans for the evening, which would be finalized as per her mood. If she was fine, he would take her out for dinner in her favourite restaurant and if she was upset, he would cook dinner for her, just the way she loved it.
She was staring at him for a long time now, trying to read what was going through his mind, but he seemed to be so confused, this confused her further. She did not know what to do. Was she supposed to walk out of the café and go back to where she had come from or should she wait for some more time for him to walk inside and then walk back home, her home? Or, was she supposed to just get up now and allow him to see her come. What would happen then? Would he look at her or pretend not seeing her? Would he signal her to come up or would he just turn away from her? Lot of questions hammering on her mind, she was lost in thoughts and did not realize when a familiar face looked back at her.
He had seen her, a pair of light brown eyes staring at him continuously. He knew instantly that it was her. He was waiting for her to walk out of the café so that he could see her face clearly from close and confirm his belief that she wanted to come back. He needed that assurance, he did not know why, but he just needed it. Somewhere, deep down inside his heart he felt, no, he knew that she deserved a better person than him. But, he loved her, he wanted her to be a part of his life, he was nothing without her, she knew it too. He had told her so many times. But then, why was she still waiting in the café? He did not know, he could not understand and – he could not wait.
He decided to face her; tell her what was in his heart and apologize for what he had said.
She saw him walk towards her, the confusion on his face clearing as he walked closer. She saw the same emotions in his eyes as those in her own eyes, mixed emotions of love and guilt. Both of them stood there, facing each other, none speaking a single word, both trying to read what was running through the others mind!
He stepped back, giving her the space she wanted. She got up and walked out of the café.
He smiled and sat on the seat she was sitting on. He opened the folded paper napkin and read what she had written on it and began laughing. She heard his laughter and turned around –
That very moment a speeding car knocked her off the road and she died on the spot, right in front of his eyes. The laughter stuck on his face, tears gathering in his eyes, making him look like a clown. It took a while for the laughter to vanish and the pain to spread, for the shock was too much for him to handle. He rushed towards her and knelt beside her body. Her eyes staring at him, lips smiling, she looked exactly like she did when he had seen her for the first time and fell in love with her.
He looked towards their house and saw himself standing at the balcony. He shook his head and vanished. She was still sitting in the café. He was still standing there. He was sweating now, for the dream had seemed so real. Was it a dream?
She saw his face, the fear so evident. She was worried for him. She could not stop herself; she decided to walk back home. She got up and saw him rush inside the house. Almost immediately her cell phone vibrated. No, please don’t cross the street, he had sent her a text. She looked at their house. He was there, standing at the balcony, looking at her. Fear, still shown on his face! She replied “fine” and walked out and turned around the corner, just as a speeding car passed by. He sighed, his eyes now searching for her. She was standing at the corner, looking at him, relieved to see the smile on his face. She messaged him “I Love You” and he whispered “I Love You, too” in his sleep.
She turned around in bed to face him, forgetting the day’s fight she kissed his forehead and snuggled close to him. It did not matter who had taken the initiative, what mattered was that the fight was over.