She was standing at the window, tears streaming down her cheeks. No, she was not crying because she was hurt, she was crying because she was feeling helpless. In spite of wanting to change what was happening around her, she could not do anything. Mainly because people around her thought she was incapable of doing anything. For them, she still was the little girl they once knew.

What they did not know was that the little girl had now grown up into a mature woman capable of handling her own problems and also contributing her two cents to her elders who at times behaved like they were younger than her.
She made a fist, looking left and right, she wanted to hit something, hit someone. Finally, she punched the wall several times before breaking down. She sobbed falling down on her knees, hiding her face in her palms as if she did not want anyone to see how vulnerable she was feeling. Suddenly, the stronger woman in her seemed to give way to the little girl inside her who was disappointed as if she was refused an ice-cream.
What the hell, she screamed aloud. Unable to figure out what was happening to her. Was it because of this uncertainty in her attitude, that her own people did not trust her capability to handle a serious situation. Was she really this much weak? She wanted her people to believe that she could give advices, she had the right to demand changes, she was capable of solving a problem. With those thoughts in her mind and her confidence renewed, she wiped her tears and walked out of her room.
She was going to tell them what was on her mind, she was going to spit out her anger, her frustration and demand replies to the questions she had in her mind. She walked to the living room to find her family sitting on the couch, laughing and chatting. A little less than an hour ago there had been a fight, which had disturbed her and now there was no sign of any hard feelings or hurt on anyone’s face.
She smiled. Sat next to her mother and joined the conversation forgetting her own frustration. In just a few minutes she was laughing, just like others. If anyone had seen her when she was inside her room, on seeing her now, they would have known that she was as capable as they were in handling the problems …

By wearing a mask.