A Silent Crow

A crow silently perched on the tree outside our bedroom window seems to be intently listening to our conversation.
I am not sure whether he is able to make out that one of us is lying to the other, perhaps both of us.

After all these years of our marriage, the lovemaking has become more mechanical sort of. Yet, afterwards as we lay on bed facing each another, various thoughts in our mind, as we are about to slip into our respective dreams, we say it, as if it were part of some ritual. We utter those words as if we have to say them.

“I love the way you smile when I look at you and the way your face glows in the moonlight”
“I love the way you look at me, propped up on your elbow.”

How many years it has been now? How many years have we said the same thing to one another? Lord knows, these words do not make any sense, anymore.

Moments later, you turn away from me, compose a message on your mobile and send it to someone. At the same time, I turn to the other side and do the same.
Somewhere, many blocks away from where we are, two mobiles beep in unison disturbing the lovemaking of a couple.

The silent crow that I had seen moments ago is now gone. Perhaps he is now perched on the tree outside some other bedroom window.

11/5/2008 3:12:03 AM

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