Mein Kampf - An Evil or A Needed Hero

Chetan Dalvi, a good friend of mine is getting his first book published through Smriti Publishers Pvt. Ltd., Kolkatta.

Title of the book: Mein Kampf - An Evil or A Needed Hero
Price: 250 INR
No. of pages: 139
Size of the book: Appr. 5.5 x 7.5 inches

The book will be released soon. The author offers a discount on the pre-release orders. For further details contact:

Mr. Chetan W. Dalvi

When you want to throw some object in the air from the ground, you need to apply force to overcome the natural force which is well known to us as Gravity which was discovered by the Newton. Columbus told people that, THE EARTH IS ROUND IN SHAPE. After saying that people at that time thought that, he is mad. But after a period of time it is proved that the earth is actually round in shape but until that time Columbus was considered as fool. 

Every new phenomenon which introduced in the society was first underestimated & opposed but still only few had strength to represent that phenomenon strongly in front of the society knowing the effects of that on them. Such people were fearless & ready to take on every thing which comes in their way & in the way of change. 

MEIN KAMPF means MY FIGHT & it is a story of a fight.

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