Explain This!

It is difficult to explain why certain things happen in a certain manner or why certain people behave in a certain way. Some people even fail to explain their own behavior what it is that compels them to say something or behave in a certain way.

A few people are insane enough to go in search of answers; while most of the people answer this complex question in a simple style as -
It is meant to be that way! 
Who is it who decides How it is meant to be.

Human brain is a complex organ and its complexity increases many-folds during extreme emotions.

A person who is angry for e.g. is known, over the many years to lose control over his tongue. What remains unexplained (to me at least) is exactly how does he say things that happen to bother him in the past. That is how the Human brain works. 
Thoughts strong enough kept at the back of the mind come to the forefront when the anger is unleashed and what might seem as nonsense bout of anger might actually be the most deepest and suppressed thoughts of the individual.

Next time when you are around someone who is angry, try to figure out and fathom the depth of hidden thoughts that surface on the tongue of the person. 
The next time you are angry just pay attention to what you are saying. You might surprise yourself if you listen carefully.

Only a few people are able to control / govern their tongue during such moments.

This is an art we all must learn.
To control your tongue when you are angry
But -
on the higher level - it is important to learn to control your anger.
And beyond that - the bad thoughts that might surface during such delicate moments.

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