Life - as I understand it

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Life. You never understand where it takes you but you can be sure if one thing. Wherever it is, you will soon realize that along the journey you have become strong enough to be where you land up.

Many a times I have thought about the days gone by, sometimes I wonder, when I was going through all that, did I even once imagine I would be where I am today.

And who know where I will be few more years down the lane. That's the funny part about living. I do not know what more to say than this - this is a phase where I am learning.
Most of it is over by now and the remaining would be over soon and just like the old times I will walk out a winner from the situation.
I agree, I have not gone through hell, many people have gone through worse but one last word - (statement)
I have grown up.

Growing up as each day passes by is what makes life worth living!

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