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A Human Mind is a playground for all sorts of thoughts. Few play around unbiased, sometimes failing and hurting, few thoughts are properly chalked out on the canvas. A very few people are able to control their thoughts and the outcome of those. They are the masters of the game.
Some dangerous and some not.

Channeling your thoughts for benefit of yourself is the accepted crime (if we may call it so); one has the right to think good for himself, be selfish at times. To think bad to others so that good comes to you is not only cunning but a sin, I would say.

Each and every individual has the right to live the life of his own choice. He has the last word in the sentence that his life is. He is the one who puts a period, comma or exclamation mark where he desires. If any man does not like the interference of others in his own life, he has not right what-so-ever to command someone else or demand something from someone else.
What is this 'adjusting' that we refer to, then? I wonder sometimes, who lays the rules to these adjustments? Who decides who is going to adjust? And, what limits does this thing have?
A person putting on a mask in front of others at times finds himself unrecognizable when he looks back at himself in the mirror.

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