Wondering (out loud)

  • One day you wake up & tell yourself 'enough of being emotional; let me be practical now!' Is this change possible? Can you really discard the 'in-built' sensitivity running through you all the while?

  • Why is it that before I say anything, my brain becomes hyperactive as if on too much of adrenaline? Would I say something wrong? Would I hurt someone? Would I be able to convey the message I want to convey or would I be misunderstood? Should I say something at all or should I simply keep quiet?

  • I am trying but I cannot stop myself from going back in time and looking at a few matters from a different perspective. Doing this is good in a way, might help me to correct a few mistakes I'd made but at the same time it is also turning out to be a psychologically stressful experience. I'd rather not think about the past, let it go, move ahead and be myself. Is it worth re-analyzing the events of the past and construct my approach towards the future or my instinctive approach to let it go and be myself, the way I have always been, is right? 

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