Swimming in a bathtub

Have you ever felt like someone swimming hard, splashing water with his arms and legs, trying desperately to reach somewhere, without realizing that he is in a bathtub and not a vast water body? Have you felt his frustration, his disappointment on not getting the desired result after so much effort?

Believe me; I know how it feels …
The frustration that all the efforts are in vain, the disappointment that after taking so many efforts I have not reached anywhere, sometimes fills my heart with an ache that is unexplainable. I am sure; many of you must have also been through such kind of phase at least once in your lifetime.
We all go through this frustration, at least once.
For those who are still struggling, still splashing water all over, still trying to reach somewhere, I have a suggestion –
Keep on going, keep splashing water; keep moving your arms and legs, these efforts will not go in vain. There will come a time when life would throw you in a vast water body and your strong arms and legs would take you through, easier than the rest of those who gave up in the initial stages of swimming in the bathtub.

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