Dog Who Wants To Sleep...

Hmmm. So, I was sitting at the balcony / open space when I saw a dog on the road, trying to sleep near the trunk of a tree. Poor fellow was every now and then disturbed by the headlights of the passing-by cars. I wondered, why does he simply not get up, turn around and sleep with his back to the disturbing headlights. He must have raised his head for perhaps 20-25 times, but then finally he dozed off. Now, I wonder - can we apply this logic to the problems, pain, sadness (whatever you want to label it as)? 1. Turn our back to the problems (the ones we cannot do anything about) or 2. Over a period of time we would get so used to it that the problems (or whatever u want to say) (like headlights) would cease to bother and we can sleep (I mean, live) peacefully?

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