Tossing Situation

Sometimes, there are so many thoughts in your mind that you feel your head would explode and your liquefied brain would splatter across the walls of your room but nothing of that sort happens and eventually you sober down. The thoughts keep nagging at the back of your head but that feels like a dull headache.

You survive the emotional attack. You always do, you tell yourself. You are a survivor. Somewhere, some force tosses a challenging situation up and down, playing with it as if tossing a ball up and down playfully before throwing it, and then, it throws the situation at you, at the same time challenging you "Let's see how you handle this!"
And -
Before you know, the thoughts gear up again, your head spins, you become frantic, you wait for this panic attack to wear off. It does, eventually. All of them do, your head is still in place and you pride once again, in being a survivor.
Unaware of some other force silently smiling and tossing a situation...