False hopes

               She had warned her maid that she did not want to be disturbed and no one should be allowed in the house. She wanted to spend time alone.
As Samya sat in the living room with her back towards the door and her eyes set on the setting sun, she hoped someone would come and knock on the door. She wanted that someone to be Tushar. Despite all the hints that he gave her indicating that he was not interested in her, Samya prayed for a miracle. Even today, right now, as he was about to tie the nuptial knot with the woman he loved since childhood.

As per Samya they were not compatible at all and the marriage was a mistake. She closed her eyes allowing the setting sun to vanish slowly from her vision even before it vanished from the horizon to be replaced by numerous stars and a full moon. It was time for her to stop, she made up her mind.

The doorbell rang and the maid opened the door. She heard the maid talking to someone and then a loud male voice arguing. The man wanted to meet Samya. She smiled with her eyes still closed. She had won. Tushar had finally come home to her. The door closed and Samya opened her eyes.