Her Memories - I

First short story series since I started writing one post per day in 2012. Second, after the short break I had taken from writing. First being "Hope", which I have submitted to be considered for publishing in a short story book.


The silent room had started to become suffocating. He walked to the window and opened the curtains and a cool breeze entered through. He stared at the setting sun. The orange yellow color spread across the sky might have seemed to be romantic to her, but for him, it was just an end to a day, another day without her!

The gloominess of the room shifted a little on the positive spectrum as he thought of the way she smiled. She still managed to brighten up his life. Still. Even after so many years.

Unconsciously, he moved towards the desk and opened the drawer, full of her memories. From the first Letter she had handed over to him to the last letter he found under her pillow, he had them all, neatly kept in a scented wooden box. He opened the first letter. College memories! He smiled. Smell of fresh coffee wafting from the kitchen filled his nostrils. It seemed so real. But, there was no coffee on the burner.

Her first day in college, he remembered. She was subjected to mild ragging but her innocent mind could not take it and she started crying. Seniors apologized and she felt embarrassed. He saw everything from across the hall and instantly fell in love with her. He walked towards her and ended the awkward moment. The seniors nodded and walked away. They respected him. He was their senior. He gave her his handkerchief to wipe the tears, which she took without looking at him. "Thanks" she said handing over the kerchief and looking at him for the first time. Another embarrassing moment for her…
"Sorry, I thought it's..."
"It's okay" he said taking back the kerchief.

That day, at the end of college he offered to drive her home as she was scared to go by train. Railway stations, yet another place common for ragging. She knew. She said she had called her brother but he could not make it and so, he offered to drop her home.
It was his first time in her house and there was no one else other than them. She made coffee for him.

The next day, she had written a letter to him, an apology letter. It was a part of ragging that she had to convince the guy staring at her to drop her home. He had laughed out loud unable to believe that he got fooled.
He laughed again. The memories of those days still fresh in his mind. They had become friends. They spent a lot of time together in college canteen. He had sort of become a private tutor for her. She appreciated his help. He was thankful that he got to spend quality time with her.
She wrote him another letter a few days before her exams. This time it was a thank you note for all the coaching that he gave her. He smiled, remembering how she had smiled after handing over the letter to him. His heart had skipped a beat then and it skipped a beat even now, in the present, as he visualized her.
After the last paper, as she walked out of the examination hall, she ran towards him on seeing and had almost hugged him. She stood frozen, very close to him, so much that he could smell the shampoo in her hair. But then she moved back and held his hand instead and they walked to the canteen. Coffee time. Time to make some more memories.