Her Memories - IV


That letter still had the same effect on him as it did when he had first read it. His eyes filled with tears. He knew that Samruddhi loved him but he was pleasantly surprised to know that she loved him so much. He felt she loved him more than he loved her. May be it was because of the thoughts of his mother, as he boarded the train to Cochin, but the truth was that he did not miss Samruddhi so much and he never even realized that she would.
He was not the kind of person to make comparisons ever, but then he started comparing. He compared his love for her and her love for him. He even mentioned once to her that he felt she loved him more than he loved her and to that she had one answer. “Look from where I am standing

He smiled. He loved her for her short replies. He folded the letter and placed it back in the box. He was tired, very tired. He had a slight headache. Thanks to the tears that gathered in his eyes on reading the longest letter she had ever written to him. He kept the box back in the drawer and got up. Picking up the phone he ordered dinner.
He lay on the bed for a while but was awakened by repeated ringing of the doorbell. It seemed as if he had just closed his eyes but when he saw the bedside watch, he was surprised to know he had slept for half an hour. He got out of the bed hurriedly and opened the door to a frustrated parcel boy.
Sorry” he said before the man could complain.

As he had done with the tea, he served dinner in two plates. After finishing his plate he ate from Samruddhi’s. He knew, people would perhaps laugh at him if they came to know that he did something like this but he did not care. It was important for him to keep her a part of his life. She was still a part of his life. He finished the food in the plate but choked on the last morsel of food and instinctively he called out to her for a glass of water. He shook his head, got up and carried the plates to the sink. He drank a glass of water before doing the dishes. He was the one who always did the dishes after dinner. She liked that about him. Normally as he washed the dishes, she sat on the kitchen platform and talked to him. He missed her voice. Dishes took more time than it should have. He wiped his hands, switched off the lights and walked to the bedroom. He fell asleep the moment he hit the sack.

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