Penning Down Thoughts - II

There are so many things we want to say. So many thoughts nagging at the back of our mind throughout the day. We want to say it, but do not know how to put it across appropriately so that it won't be misunderstood. We cannot say all that is in our mind. There is a huge difference between what goes around in the mind and what comes out of the mouth. Each thought cannot be put into words. Each thought must not be put into words. Some things are better left unsaid. A disturbed mind always misunderstands. You can never know what something might mean to someone. 

Somewhere in between being seeded into the mind and being born on the lips, the value of the thought decreases. They say - it does not hurt to tell someone in words that you love them. At times, saying in words taints your feelings. Some things are better felt than said. My opinion.