Book Now Available

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The book is now available on

As promised, this book would be free for the blog readers, so you need not purchase it from there (at least for yourself). I know, the price of the book is a little on the higher side. 160 for 166 pages but more than the monetary value, this book is of sentimental value to me.

Simply request your free copy (50 free copies) by filling the form. (Earlier, the form was embedded in the post however I had to shift it to a different 'page' thanks to all the spam mails that I was getting through this form.) [The number of copies remaining would be mentioned in the sidebar. First preference would be given to those who had ordered the book two years ago :) and then only to those who request book using the form. Please do not request a copy by leaving a comment on the post or my facebook wall]

Request your free copy now
Update: All 50 copies of the book Is This Love & Autumn - The Last Leaf have been requested for. I will be updating the list of those who requested the books, in the order they requested it. There are a few more requests beyond the 50 limit but since I had not updated the count I have allowed the requests sent in the morning and have then removed the form.

List of people who requested the free copies.

Goes without saying that I would love to hear what you have to say about the book after you read it :)
I would also appreciate if you could spare some time and write something for the other users of