Happy Valentines Day

She remembered him everyday. Visited him whenever she could find time out of her busy schedule. Fulfilling her duties as a wife and mother of two kept her busy throughout the day, week and month. If not everyday, she made it a point to visit him once a week.

He knew everything. He loved her all the same. Sometimes, when he could find time from his tight office schedule, he would accompany her to meet the man she loved more than him, the man she truly loved. He understood what true love was. It was what she felt for that other man and what he felt for her. Despite the fact that she remembered that man even now, he knew that she loved him, too ... so what if a little less than he did. So what if he had to share the love of his wife, with some other man. A man, who was not even physically present in this world.

They both visited him at his grave, paid their respects and said their prayers. It was after two weeks that she was visiting him. She did not want to miss this day. It was an important day for her, for him, for them. It was the day she had seen him first as he held her in his arms. It was her birthday and it was the day when she had first tasted the salt from the tears of her happy father, 35 years ago.

"Happy Valentines Day, Papa" she said as she placed a rose bouquet on his grave.
She knew, he knew she was here.