Review of Tea for two and a piece of cake

Title: Tea for two and a piece of cake
Author: Preeti Shenoy
Year Published: 2012
Publisher: Random House India
No. of Pages: 265

This review should have come a little lot earlier but I believe that while reading one must be able to visualize the happenings described in the book rather than just reading it and past few days my mind had been running a film of its own. That is why, despite getting my author signed copy on 14th Feb. and opening the book to read on the same day, I could not really read past the prologue. The prologue itself is strong enough to make you read further. So, I read a couple of pages more before putting the book down. I picked up the book again after the film that was playing in my head on loop, finally stopped. This time, I finished the book in one sitting.

This review is my personal opinion about the book and you can choose to think differently but for that you will have to read the book and 'that' I would definitely recommend. It's worth the time you spend holding it in your hand.
You will like the book if you are a reader like me who reads a lot of supernatural stuff - vampires, werewolves, witches and ghosts. This book will be a welcome change, full of emotions and written in an amazingly simple way.

Supernatural stuff or not, this book gives you a taste of real life. It is a fiction but it is written in a wonderful non-fiction way. I could imagine myself to be a part of the story, experiencing the shock and pain Nisha goes through. I imagined myself walking besides her, in her journey through various phases of her life.

A person cannot please everyone. There would be people who are let down, people who would disagree with the concept/ideas which are part of the book. Actually, concepts/ideas which are very much part of the real world we live in as much as they are part of the book. There are people who like to read sentences woven by the kind of words that people like me might need a dictionary to look up. If that is the kind of book you are looking for, then you will have to drink your tea from someplace else. As far as I am concerned, I like Preeti’s writing style, Simple and Captivating at the same time. Anyone can write a love story but writing a story which is full of love and emotions is not everybody’s piece of cake. I’d give Preeti 8 on 10 for the description of the weak moments of Nisha’s life.

I read it, each sentence hitting me with a force of a gale wind. I read it with my fists clenched. I read it with tears welling up in my eyes. I read it biting my lip. I read it once, and then I read it again.

And with that one statement, and with that look in his eyes, we both know he has crossed that fine line which separates friendship from a deeper relationship between a man and a woman.

And many more lines in the book make the reader live them rather than just read them.

‘Tea for two and a piece of cake’ is a simple story of a simple woman who falls and grows in love. The journal entries make the book a little more personal.

Get your copy, read it and let me know your views.