Tea for two tuesday by Preeti Shenoy - 5

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In this prompt she simply wants us to write three sentences about ourselves,  first sentence starting with T., second with  E and third with A
(as it spells TEA). If we want to write more, we can write four more sentences but they have to start with C, A, K and E respectively. (CAKE)

Here I am -

T - The person who always has a thinking cap on and someone who can think for others, too.
E -  Emotional person, who believes in the magic and power of true emotions/sentiments
A - Angry woman, sometimes & to some extent, especially when my chain of thoughts is interrupted.

Those who know me know that I talk too much (T could have been talkative also, but I think more than I talk. So, you can guess how much thinking goes on inside this little head of mine) so I would take the CAKE option as well.

C - Caring for others nature of mine is a gift from God that I am really thankful for.
A - Admirer of nature's beauty and a few little things that really matter.
K - Keeper of promises made, if I cannot keep one, I do not make one.
E - Easily trust people only to be hurt later on but that is how I am and I am okay with it.