Tea for two tuesday by Preeti Shenoy

This post has been written for Preeti Shenoy's Tea for two Tuesday - Number 2
You can read the first part here.

First part was non-fiction, this one is fiction for a change :)

" The table is set perfectly, for 'tea for two'. (and the piece of cake is ready too). I am really looking forward to this. There is still a good half an hour left for my guest to arrive as per the text I just got. Suddenly the door bell rings.............. "


Giving a final look to the table setting I walk towards the door to open it. I am really looking forward to meeting Preeti as per what we had discussed last tuesday. I look through the peep-hole, half expecting Preeti to be on time and not half an hour late as per her text. However, I am surprised to find a stranger standing at the door, his face half covered by the English Hat. As if reading my mind through the door, he removes his hat and holds it in his hands. He looks straight at the peep-hole and a shiver runs down my spine. Why? I wonder. I look closer now, he seems to be an ordinary guy. What interests me are his eyes. Beautiful light brown eyes seemingly staring right through mine. I am tempted to open the door and welcome him inside but I put on the door safety chain and half-open the door.
"Yes" I ask.
"Excuse me, can you please help me with this address?" he asks showing me a piece of paper through the door.
My instinct tells me he is meant to be here and when I take the paper in my hand to look at the address, my instinct is proved right. The address is mine.
"You are at the right address. Do I know you?" I ask.
"No" he answers and smiles.
I almost die on the spot. Figuratively speaking, obviously.
"I brought you something" he says, extending his hand through the half open door. He is holding a bouquet of red roses.
"Sorry. What is this about?" I ask hoping to get a clear reply this time.
He looks at the safety chain and back at me. Perhaps he had expected much better welcome than the one he is getting. 
I move unconsciously to remove the chain but my practical self shouts "No way"
I decide to go against my practical self and open the door for him. I have already read his eyes. I know I can trust him. Also, he seems to be vaguely familiar!
I am about to ask his name when my mobile phone beeps.
It is a text from Preeti. It reads -
"Just the perfect kind of date for you!"
I smile. I look at him. He smiles.
"My name is ..."

The doorbell rings several times and I wake up. I look at my wrist watch and I realize I have slept for half an hour. I look through the peep-hole to find Preeti standing at the door, straightening her hair. I smile and open the door.