Hope (7)

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Raj knew that the first thing Aakash would do after leaving the house was, go to Sudha’s house. Hence he messaged him saying he would kill himself if Aakash told Sudha that he was alive. The emotional fool that he was, Raj knew Aakash would believe him and not utter a word to Sudha.

Raj knew Aakash would come around. And, he had. Aakash had agreed to marry Sudha however he had one condition. He wanted Raj’s and Sudha’s parents to be involved in this. Raj had to agree. He could see that they did their best to convince Sudha and just as he had expected, she refused. She even slapped Aakash when he had proposed marriage to her
Finally, he requested Aakash to continue being a friend to her. He knew that a day would come when Sudha would accept Aakash in her life. Though it took a longer time than he had expected, she finally did accept Aakash as a friend. Raj hated manipulating her like this, but life had not given him any choice.

Raj expected Aakash’s frustration to burst out some day and it did, on Raj’s supposedly death anniversary. He had to admit that his parents were better actors than Aakash. He had underestimated them. Which parents would pretend to follow the rites of their son’s death, only for the happiness of that very alive son? His parents loved him so much.
Aakash, on the other hand, refused to continue playing the game. That forced Raj to take the decision and he left. After six months, as a last favor, he requested his friend to tell Aakash that Raj had committed suicide. He knew, Aakash would believe. Raj’s part in Sudha’s and Aakash’s life was over. He had brought them together and now life would keep them together forever, in a way they were meant to be.

Though Raj was dead, really dead this time, for Aakash, he kept in touch with his mother. Raj wanted his mother to monitor Sudha. Once again, he knew what he was doing was wrong but he had to see for himself that she was happy.
He knew about Sudha’s visit to Aakash’s house and then her sudden disappearance. That was the moment, he realized, he had started to lose her. He was informed about her return and visit to the hideout. He knew what the outcome would be. He was right, his mother had seen them together and though he was happy for Sudha, he started crying. That was his way to let go. Sudha had finally found love in someone else. He knew Aakash would be a good husband and a good father in future. His job was done. He was free to go.
He wheeled towards the bedroom and closed the door. He moved the wheelchair towards the bed, opened the side drawer and took out a pistol. He held it against the temple and as he was about to pull the trigger his cell phone sprung to life. He could see his mother’s photo on the display. He wanted to talk to her for the last time. He attended the call and after a while he dropped the pistol to the floor.


Hope is what keeps us alive. Hope is the rope of life, they say. So very true! Sudha survives on the hope that someday Raj would return in her life and complete her. She has accepted that she loves Aakash too, but, at the same time, she also knows that she would never love him as she loves Raj. She can never be a part of Aakash’s life.
Raj has accepted that he can never return in Sudha’s life even if he loved her a lot. He knows he has tried his best to make her happy. He tried his best to make his best friend happy. Raj survives on the hope that someday Sudha would forget him and accept her love for Aakash.
Aakash knew that the first and the only woman he fell in love with, belonged to someone else even before she could be a part of his life, he knew then, that he was nothing more to her than just Raj’s friend. He had accepted that. Then, that woman became his friend and later she proposed marriage to him. She admitted that she loved him and she kissed him passionately. And, then, she walked away. Aakash survives on the hope that someday she would come back to him, love him like he loves her.

Hope is the ray of light that guides our life!

Hope is the rope of life.