You Loved Me

Dear ________________,

There must have been many situations when I must have hurt you by doing or saying things, which normally I would have not done or said. But, you were kind enough to understand that I was simply acting under the effect of my mood swings. There were times when I failed to believe in myself but you were sure about my capability to achieve what I had set out to achieve. Most of my dreams that have come true are only because you believed in me and encouraged me. The failures of life would have affected my confidence much more had you not been there to hold my hand and pull me out of the depression that I was entering into. You were the one who made me understand the true meaning of failure being a stepping stone to success.

I walked the road, holding your hand like the small child who learns to take the first step by holding its mothers finger. You were there with me for every step that I took towards my goal.
I never realized that all this was taking me farther away from you. Had I been aware of it during the journey, perhaps I might have not taken it. Maybe you never let me know for the same reason. Sometimes, I think I have been very selfish. Too engrossed in trying to achieve my dreams, I failed to look into your eyes and read your dreams. When I held your hand for support I failed to understand that even you might be needing the support. When you helped me to come out of the depression, wiped my tears, I failed to see that it affected you same way because you were going through each and every emotion that I was going through. How could I be so ignorant? How could I not see the reflections of my emotions in your eyes. If I knew that I love you, I should have known that you love me too. Perhaps, more than I loved you. So much that you let me go.