Fifty Shades Trilogy

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Finished reading all three books of Fifty Shades Trilogy. Wow! What a journey it was!
Reading the first book was slight of a shock. The description on the back cover says -
"...But Grey is tormented by inner demons, and consumed by the need to control. As they embark on a passionate love affair, Ana discovers more about her own desires, as well as the dark secrets Grey keeps hidden away from public view..."
Having read a few Vampire books, I assumed that "Dark secrets" refer to Grey being a Vampire. But, it turns out to be something else.
I do not say that I found it to be revolting, had it been so, I would have not read further but I did read and I admit, it has been written well. The only issue is that for the readers benefit, the book should have been appropriately categorized. The author is very descriptive about the sex scenes and nothing, absolutely nothing is left for reader's imagination. It is all for visualization. Also a few phrases have been repeated many times.

My favorite of the three is the third book which is more about the ups and downs in the life of Mrs and Mr. Grey. The book is about BDSM and all the sex but most importantly it is about the insecurity that Christian Grey feels, the main reason for h‫im to be ‪ the control freak that he is, like Anastasia says. The book deals with how Ana manages to help Christian out of this insecurity, making him believe that he is worthy of being loved.

If you are comfortable with the descriptive sex scenes or kinky fuckery as Anastasia says, I would say you must read this book. Like all the other books I have read in the recent past, I read all the three books at night. Cannot really say I finished it in how many days but then the narration is captivating and at times I found it difficult to close the book. A couple of times I told myself I will keep the book down after finishing the chapter and I found myself reading the next chapter as well.

Like one of the reviewers at Flipkart says -
"Love it or hate it but you cant ignore it..."

Well! Had I read the reviews before reading the book, I would have actually known what it is about :)
In the end, it was worth reading..