Meant To Be

Another version of this short story from male protagonist's point of view has been published later on Straight From The Heart. Read it here : Kevin's version of Meant To Be

“Are you sure you can walk?” Kevin ask me
No. I want you to carry me in your arms, over the threshold, tonight and every day and night after tonight, I think to myself. Aloud I manage a simple “Yes”

The girl sitting next to him seems to relax by my reply. Not because she cares about me, only because she is glad she can now have Kevin all to herself.
I turn around without as much as a thank you or good night. Bad manners, I know but I cannot help it, I do not want Kevin to see the pained expression on my face, thanks to both – the pain shooting up from the sprained ankle as well as the pain of my heart shattering into pieces. I cannot complain that life did not give me my chance; it did but I did not take it when the time was right for everything because I wanted more than what life had to offer. I had never imagined that life would put that chance on a silver plate and offer it to someone else. I was never the jealous types, I thought, until it really happened. Until the day, Mel picked up the chance from the silver plate, leaving me with no choice but to regret my decision.

With all the strength that I can manage I walk towards the gate of the apartment, aware that Kevin is still watching me because I did not hear him start the ignition. I want him to see that I am capable of taking care of myself but the very next moment I lose my balance and fall flat on my butt, a loud “Fuck” escaping my lips as the seat of my jeans gets soaked in the dirty water leaking out from a drainage pipe nearby.

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Love Stories

Description of Love Stories:

Love Stories, a compilation of 30 short stories deals with a range of emotions - from the sweet feeling of first love to the brutal and intolerable suffering of a love lost. It includes pangs of jealousy, helplessness of one-sided love, anything and everything to do with love.

Memories play a vital role in our lives and as the protagonists go through emotions, create memories and re-live them, the author assures that you would go through every emotion, feel the turmoil of the protagonists and the warmth that spreads through their body as they bask in the wonderful feeling of Love.

When it comes to the matters of the heart, everything becomes unpredictable; we become what we never thought we would become; nevertheless we turn out to be a better version of ourselves. That's the power of Love. We love people not for what they are; but what we become when they enter our lives.

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About the author:

What you feel deep within you is more important than what you think you feel...
Reaching that deep within place is not too difficult; you just need to cut off the chaos,
Go on a walk, spend some time with nature, listen to music, do something you really enjoy doing and not do it only because you have to...”

These lines by Arti herself perfectly sum up Arti’s writing and all that it stands for. Her writing represents feelings more than thoughts, insight more than opinions.

When you read her stories, or talk to her about them, you realize that she has lived her stories, each word, each character as though they were a part of another world, a world that she could open for us through her stories. Her blog 'You me and stories' is one such sneak peek into this amazing realm of love and relationships.

Author of fiction books 'My Life-story' and 'Is This Love & Autumn - The Last Leaf', Novel 'Resemblance - The Journey of a Doppelganger' and ‘Love Stories’ – compilation of 30 Short Stories on Love & Relationships, Arti is quite prolific and has written several poems, short stories, blog posts and more. She is an avid reader, an active blogger and a gifted photographer. Her unique way of depicting feeling and emotions, a simple yet skilful use of language and believable characters make her writing truly different. As the author herself admits, she does take words and dip them in feelings! The result is often a sweet and savoury read that keeps the reader asking for more!
A true Mumbaikar at heart Arti is single and currently lives with her parents.

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